My Girl Sasha - A day at the lakes...

2년 전

I decided to take my girl Sasha up to the lakes today as it was really quite warm for February at 17 degrees Celsius!

She loves it up at the lakes, so we grabbed her favorite floating ball and got our walking boots on!

here she is enjoying the weather and the water...





One very happy but soggy doggy later, we set off home for a cup of tea and a biscuit!

I hope you enjoyed the images. All pictures were taken by me with my Nikon D5300 using my 90mm macro lens.

Thank you so much for stopping by :)

Much love, Cheryl & Sasha xx

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

Btw, If you still haven’t signed up to the DrugWars game, you can join here for free:!/ref/@beautifulbullies

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!


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I thought you would have a French bulldog at home! :) Sasha looks like one happy doggo. And I agree with you. If it's so warm in February you need to do something outside :) Let's hope that the weather will stay this way :)

Stunning photos! Crisp and very detailed. She is a perfect model :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!


Thank you! I actually have 5 dogs in total, 3 are English Bulldogs ;) hehe

Hi cheryl Thats not a bullie😉 her fur color olive so much. Now I miss Charlie and Joey even more while I am here in Austria. Nice to have a lake around with us the jump in ponds along the fields
Of skiing again have a great day


Haha no she is not a Bullie, I also have a cocker spaniel too! I am officially the crazy dog lady lol I hope you are having a fantastic time in Austria!
Cheryl x


We are having a blast

Wet, soggy, but ecstatic is right! They absolutely love it.


She loves it and so does my cocker spaniel. The bulldogs however are a different story haha

Sasha sure is beautiful and looks like she had such a blast in the water


Thank you yes she is my gorgeous girl, I love her so much :) She is a water baby for sure!


Sasha is AWESOME

She's got a swell mom, too!


awww thank you! :D

  ·  2년 전

I wish we could get our Lola to enjoy the water. We were always told that being a labradoodle she'd love it ... she bloody hates it.


lol yes in theory she should love it! xD Bloomin dogs, always have their own agendas... haha


When my dogs were puppies, I would take them into the bath with me to teach them that "bath time is fun." In the beginning they were about a double-handful in size (wire-haired fox terriers and miniature schnauzers.) Wow ... did they ever take to the lesson.

From that point on they felt entitled to a bath -- whenever I had one. If I were in a hurry and just couldn't take the time, one of them would hang his head in the shower stream until it was soaking wet anyway.

If I locked them out of the bathroom, they'd stand outside the door and yelp and whine. (How relaxing is that??? ) If I put them outside ---> they knew anyway!! It was amusing and exasperating all at the same time.

Be careful what you ask for.


Haha that is hilarious! xD I can just imagine my 5 trying to jump in the bath with me... disaster! lol

The pictures are really amazing and detailed. What a beautiful dog you have. May the Gods bless her!

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Thank you so much! :)

Sasha sure is beautiful and looks like she had such a blast in the water

Wow, she is cool!!! and there are bulldogs??))


Haha yes and cocker spaniels too! xD

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Water and dogs are two of my least favourite things, but you take nice pictures :X


lol awww so sorry mildred the cat, but Sasha sends her love all the same! she is cat friendly ;)

second last photograph is perfectly timed <3


Thank you clicked! that is my favourite too :)

Gorrrrrrrrrgeous, omg ! What a beautiful doggo ! And such an amazing set of photographs of her playing in the water !!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH i love this post so much XD Doggos are the bestest things in life * ___ *


haha yes they are! xD thank you for stopping by! :D

Your photo posts are always eye-candy!! Great shots! And that is a beautiful dog!


Awww thanks Squishy! :D

There is something about does images that makes them seem alive. Bravo


Thank you @psyceratopsb that is kind of you to say! :D

It is nice to see her so happy and playful, she is adorable all wet and with that ball of hers :)

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Love that third photo and looks like your doggy really had a good day. All our dogs are small, I don't think they could play around in a lake. Worth a try maybe they would find ways to play around and enjoy.


you can get little doggy life jackets which are cool! :D