We need just 14 of you to please vote in this poll

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An awesome Steem Community needs your help

Just trust me on this one

@TheyCallMeDan is running a competition to give away a R10K SP delegation, and @SteemitBloggers is just 14 votes shy of coming out on top. Like I said, just trust me that @SteemitBloggers is the most worthy of the potential winners out there.


Not convinced? OK, please read on.

Early on in my Steemit journey, I joined a community called @SteemitBloggers (now #PowerHouseCreatives), and in many ways it shaped my experience on the Steem blockchain. A community from across the world, with many different blogging styles and cultures... with one thing in common: A passion for creating quality content on the Steem blockchain.

@SteemitBloggers is headed up by @Jaynie with the support of @Zord189 ... both fantastic Steemians, and you should check out their blogs and see what they do for the Steem Community.

A Good place to start would be here (https://steemit.com/powerhousecreatives/@jaynie/jaynie-1549064380297-one-poll-that-brought-thousands-to-life---hats-off-to-theycallmedan).

In short though: @SteemitBloggers helps all its members be discovered (and grow) on Steem... as long as they are generating quality content. Some of my earliest (and still current) BraaiBoyTV supports come from this community, so I can tell you first-hand how much this group means for every one of its members!

Voting for @SteemitBloggers is a vote for the better of Steem in general!

Check it out... just 14 more votes, and that delegation is theirs!

How to vote?
1 Click the below link.
2 Login to steemconnect
3 Select 'steemitbloggers'
4 And you're done!!


P.S. Once you're done voting, please RESTEEM (no upvote needed) this post to spread the word... there's +/- 12 hours left on the poll, and then after that you should join the @SteemitBloggers discord as well - As I've mentioned already, it's one of the greatest communities over here, and then you too will then benefit (even if we don't win the delegation)... it will obviously just mean a lot more for everyone if we do win it.

UpVotes & ReSteems are held in high (e)steem :P

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I just came by with this comment to thank you for all the work in the challange,
i am going to all our communityblogs and express my feelings after just finding out that we won and we have to thank @bluemist for that but i also want to say that i as a member appreciated all you did for the contest, and to say your an awsome member and PHCfriend,
Blog you soon,
Gr. Britt


I was at a festival yesterday, so I missed @bluemist's announcement and only just saw it a few minutes ago.
That IS great news indeed. Thanks for popping by my post @brittandjosie ... It felt great to be even a small part of such a massive @SteemitBloggers group effort.


I felt te same way it took the group to the next level

Going fullblast for @steemitblogger!

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Getting the word out! Resteemed!

Thank you @braaiboy for sharing your journey a little and how @steemitbloggers has stayed relevant to not only you but to the Steem blockchain!


... and thank YOU for everything you do for all of us #PowerHouseCreatives members

You and me both: this group has had a more than HUGE impact on my Steemit life. We are soooooo gonna get this!


we're literally 8 more votes away... #WeCanDoThis

I've thrown a vote that way. You are only three of top place now.


Thank you so much... for the briefest of moments we were actually in the lead... everyone is pushing real hard. Thanks again for the support!

Voted! Let's help each other.

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Already voted. I made the decision to resteem this one.
Good luck!


We can do this -"when the going gets tough ..."

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Now it's only 2....


... and now tied! (but we're on top) :-)


We are soooooooooooo gonna get this :D :D :D

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