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There's a number of supplements, I take (or know I should), but I wanted to discuss a couple mainstays here. In general, if you're SICK (like a cold) here's some good ones to take:

  1. Elderberry
  2. Echinacea
  3. Zinc (do NOT take on an empty stomach, was not fun)

High blood pressure? Runs in my family hitting around late 30's & I am 32 so a few more good years. Anyway, I have a significant other with it. His is borderline, almost doesnt need a pharmaceutical. Hawthorne supplement and gel capsule cranberry supplement is known to be helpful because with hypertension there's usually fluid retention. I emphasize gel as it absorbs into body faster.

Which leads me to one, if not MY FAVORITE D-MANNOSE!!

D-mannose is a urinary tract formula. That doesn't mean "female only" dudes, but does cater to our anatomy. Asides from a vegetarian capsule, contains d-mannose, cranberry juice powder, and dandelion extract. It's recommended not to take if you're allergic to dandelion or "dandelion like" plants.

D-mannose takes any ecoli in your urinary tract and gets it out of there. I get UTIs from time to time, I am cured within a day or two.

Redwood, yes more of a "dude" supplement. HOWEVER, there's nothing on the bottle stating females can't take it. It promotes stamina, circulation, mood, helps lower blood pressure (good for my SO), improved cognitive function, improved fat loss, and better digestion. It naturally boosts your production of nitrous oxide which allows for all these amazing effects via use of vit. C as abscorbic acid, odorless garlic powder, horse chestnut extract, casein hydrolsate, pine bark extract, & L-leucine. Yes, it does help you men folk downstairs or if you're having any erectile dysfunction issues. The improved blood flow helps in the size and girth department and that's all im saying about THAT. It works :p

Mood, Depression, Anxiety
The previously mentioned Redwood
Sam-E (can take 4 weeks to kick in)
St Johns Wort

This is by no means an all encompassing list. All of these herbs and supplements work but they are not pharmaceuticals so don't expect them to be "that pill you pop & it works immediately." Thanks for reading! Tell me about your favorite herbs or supplements. I'd love to learn something new and I bet you got me something.


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