PowerHouseCreatives Contest - The dream that gave birth to two dreams.

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Many times it is believed that the word dreams is only what your brain transmits when you are sleeping, but we all daydream about something we want to be or do. Regardless of whether it was fulfilled or not, it is a dream. I still haven't seen mine meet.

Since I was little I liked music, I remember having a small radio where I listened to my favorite songs every night with the speaker attached to my ear. When I fell into my deep sleep, I began to see myself singing like that artist and I was very famous.

At family birthday parties they always asked me to sing some song with the mariachi. but contrary to my dream, I began to tremble from the toes to the head and that affected my modulation in the singing, it showed that I was very nervous.

My fear was more than my dream of singing, but that dream gave birth to two other dreams in the voice of two of my children. @alejandra23 and @alexlinares, they belonged to the platform, for multiple reasons they no longer use it.

@alejandra23 had a contest on Steemit called #peachperfect and was famous, but his biggest dream is to sing. She is very talented, she is a Computer Technician and she makes all those videos herself, I mean that the voices are the instruments, she is.



@alexlinares also has that dream and have struggled to achieve success but have failed. He studied music, is a singer-songwriter, has been in famous groups of the city where he lives in Venezuela, is currently in Colombia without making his dreams come true.


They are looking for a talent scout, a producer or an entrepreneur to help them fulfill their dreams. You don't know how much it hurts me that these two young people have not achieved their dreams, that so much talent is being lost.

By my age (58) I have already left that dream behind, now my dream is to see them as great famous artists and that they fulfill their dreams. Could it be that some great producer can help them? I would be the happiest if that were achieved.

Thank you @zord189 for this special topic this week.


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