PowerHouseCreatives Contest / The World In Our Hands - Poem To The Hands.

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Hands, I have spent the tender moments with you.
When my children were born I gave them my love,
running my hands all over their body so soft and smooth.

Young, tender, fresh, soft hands. They don't know about any job,
just play and happiness.
The park is known only by touching it, the bottle, toys, mom's face.

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One day they grew, became musty, were different.
The lines became more pronounced.
Lines of experience that each one of them has
an apprenticeship and makes them wiser.

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I have learned to accept them that way because
they show work, dedication, dedication and love, lots of love.
Hands, with them I receive and know, with them I say Chao !
and say goodbye.

I show my love to my family and my pets,
I always run my hand through the back of my dog
​​and he licks my hands as a sign of his bird.

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@zord189 leads a beautiful contest through PowerHouseCreatives in which they talk about the hands this week. If you wish to participate in the link to this link and look for the contest rules:


My inspiration was taken from the beautiful hands of my grandchildren and the comparison I made with mine that are already a bit wrinkled and stained.

I hope that my friend @zord189 accepts me in this community as one more member and accepts my publication in the contest. Thanks in advance.

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Can't believe nobody commented on here! Love this one hun.

@alliedforces curate


You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work and join us in The Castle sometime!
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Thank you @enginewitty. I very much appreciate your comment.