Griddled Fillet Steak Sandwich with Mushroom & Lemon Veloute Sauce - #showcase-sunday

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❤ Ola Foodies ❤

I love steak nights at the best of times,
but I wanted to change it up a little -
so instead if buying two separate T-bone or sirloins etc.
I opted for a large fillet and a bit more finesse on the plate
than the usual "steak nights" offer...


Doing one large filet is actually a lot easier than
griddling two separate steaks, as you simply need to seal it
in the griddle and then you can pop it into the oven.


For the sauce, you will need:

A pack of diced button mushrooms
A heaped tablespoon of butter
One chicken stock cube
black pepper
The juice of half a lemon
A 250ml tub of fresh cream

For the steak and sides you will need:

A fillet steak approx 0.7kg
A pack of cubed roasting veg
A couple of sliced onion rounds
A teablespoon of olive oil
A tablespoon of soft butter
Salt and pepper for the rub

But before we get to the steak, lets get the veloute sauce sorted...

Grab a pot and melt the butter,
add the salt and pepper and crumble in the stock cube.


Dice the mushrooms
and then add them to the melted
butter mixture and saute them
for a good few minutes...



Then add your cream,
lower the heat and then add the juice of half a lemon
allow it to thicken and you are done.

If it doesn't thicken nicely,
you can whisk in a little all purpose flour,
whilst it is still on the heat.


For the roasted veg side
I preheat the oven to 250 degrees Celsius,
coat the veg pieces in some olive oil
and vegetable spice...
and the pop them into the oven for approx. 10 min
closer to the top of the oven.

That gives them a really nice slightly charred look,
but are still slightly firm.


the oven is then also the perfect temperature for the steak.
But before it goes into the oven, you need to do the rub
which is quite simply the butter, some olive oil, salt and pepper.
Just massage that onto and into the meat as best you can.


There are two quite important things to remember when
cooking steak of ANY kind...
The one being that the steak should be room temperature
when you are ready to cook it,
and the other, is that you don't want to put the rub on
too soon before you cook it,
as the salt from the rub draws the juices out of the meat,
and this can make it dry.

So I normally do the rub about 10 minutes before cooking it.

Ok, so to seal it, you simply pop it into a REALLY hot griddle
or normal pan with a little olive oil,
and make sure you seal it on all sides!





once the steak is sealed,
you can pop it into the oven for approx. 10 minutes
(for the above mentioned steak weight of 0.7kg)

This should give you an end result that is
leaning slightly to the rarer side of things.
When you take the steak out of the oven,
wrap it in foil and let it rest (no heat)
for approx. 15 min.

Whilst the griddle was still hot from the sealing of the steak,
I quickly fried a couple of onion rounds,
which I added to the sliced fillet sandwich later


Once the steak has finished resting,
you are ready to plate.

I simply cut two slices of fillet
and made a sandwich out of it,
with the griddles onion in between the two slices of meat.


If you do give it a try,
I hope you enjoy it :)

Trust me, the mushroom and lemon veloute sauce
is a HEAVENLY addition to the steak!

Personally, I would have preferred my steak a bit more rare,
but I kept it on a low heat (cardinal sin) as I was busy on Steemit
last night, and was not ready to eat yet. haha!

But... it was still rare enough and it was a VERY delicious plate of food!






Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx


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That looks plenty rare to me:)

Have you tried the sous vide method of cooking them? It is extremely popular here now, but I have yet to try it myself.


Oh yes, I would not have a steak any other way! No I have not tried that. Will check it out. :)

It really looks heavenly, I love a good steak, and a glass of wine...


Could not agree more! And thank you @wales xxx

Yummy..feeling hungry

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hehe Glad it made your taste buds alert!

OMG @jaynie you have sent my tummy into overdrive. This looks amazing, I can almost smell it.

Seems like beef prices are better on the other side if the world. That is what we're paying currently for a chuck roast. The price you have the the larger piece is what we are paying for 2 cut portions about the size of your presentation picture. And we wonder why people go hungry LOL.


hahaha sorry @tryskele :D

Yeah beef is pricey here, but nowhere near as expensive as lamb! Krikey.... take one look at the price on a pack of lamb chops and you will no doubt have a heart attack! lol

We don't do steak all the time, but it is very nice as a treat!

Unthought it was good till 2018 but in SA that the packing date 🥴 love the plate do and it made me hungry


hahahaha!!! It is a #showcase-sunday post... so, essentially old posts that you want to re-share again :)

Thanks for the compliment :D Hope you have eaten since you wrote that lol.

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Thank you :)

so, you're into cooking also. The procedure in cooking is a good help but I wonder if I can find those ingredients here. I don't know that lemon veloute sauce. haha

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Yes, I love to cook :) As for the ingredients, there are always plenty of substitutes for things :)

Its looking osam! So delicious!!


hahaha thanks @hafizullah! Yes, it was great, but it takes a lot to beat a steak!

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Oe it looks lovely - @meesterboom here is some mushrooms that you will enjoy. With a lovely steak, not in a beer.


Thanks @alishi and yeah... no doubt @meesterboom would enjoy this!


Lol, yes. This is a proper use of mushrooms!!


Well, I don't know hey.... depends on the mushroom! haha ;)


Space mushrooms!!!

I am about to have my dinner seems like it just increases my appetite a lot ;)


hahaha well... enjoy your dinner a LOT @rehan12 and thank you for the compliment x

Can't think of any cut of meat that I love more than a good steak. Yours looks divine! Also some great tips on cooking a steak - thanks!


Steaks are AWESOME! And thanks for the positive feedback @free-reign :)

Very nice and delicious....


Thank you :)

While I have never heard of Lemon Veloute Sauce before; it does sound like it paired well with this sandwich!


Oh it REALLY did!!!! It is not a traditional veloute sauce, but rather my moms version :)

That sauce, I'm thinking, would also work well with pasta. I also think that fillet is a meal that is much more versatile than people think. I'm glad I've eaten... ;)


Oh man... no such thing as a bad fillet - or should I say, it takes a SPECIAL person to spoil one lol... as for that pairing.... perhaps, but the lemon is quite sharp so maybe lose the mushrooms and add haddock or something of the like to the pasta. The seafood and lemon twang would work well... but somehow the mushrooms would seem a little out of place with the seafood in my opinion - wel will have to arrange a dinner to test it @fionasfavourites :D


Actually, lemon juice as opposed to the zest, when it's heated, can become sweeter as the sugar caramelizes...a dinner is overdue...

Them onions though ... :o


hahaha - if that is a positive response, then yes I agree!! My son however had the reaction of "eeeuw what are those?!!!!" LOL - Little does he know that I put onion in about 99% of what I cook for him and us haha!

Everything looks so rich, I'm fussing with hunger, uuummm


My bad! ;)

This food looking tasty


Thank you :)

Now I getting hungry :)

greetings from Uruguay



I would have shared... but alas.... ;)


I live in Uruguay the yountry of beaf meat :)




So you are GOOD to GO then haha!!! ;)


you are welcome :)

Yummy and resteemed :-)


hehe thanks and thanks!!! LOTS OF LOVE!!!