11개월 전

As people are confined to their homes during this lock down, it is a great time to take a closer look at the many beautiful plants that surround us.

By studying nature, we can marvel at the many different colours and hues that so often get ignored - just by looking closer we can realize that the trees are not just green, but rather many different colours such as sap green, viridian green, reds, bronzes, yellow ochre,burnt sienna, yellows and browns - if you doubt this, try looking a little closer.

As an artist, I am always looking at colours and when teaching my students, I am often asked -'how do I get this colour?'
For myself, it is easy - maybe it is a gift - but that aside, with practice, one can learn to see more than just one colour.
Painting nature can teach one a great deal about colour and once mastered, the painting becomes alive.

The photo that I am posting is a classic example of one succulent plant that has so many different hues and if you study it, you will see that there are many colours - not just one.


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