Looking for the Sunshine

2개월 전

The past couple of weeks have been very emotional due to my son in the U.K. being critically ill in hospital with bacterial meningitis.
Happily, he has turned the corner and is now on a recovery journey - the doctors have told him that there have only been three cases in the entire world where an ear infection has developed into meningitis and his case has been very serious indeed.

2019 was a year that was a very tough one for many of us here in South Africa and it looks like 2020 is going to be just as tough.
I feel so emotionally drained at present that it is not easy to try and be up beat and yet I know I must try.

The devastating fires in Australia and the loss of so many animals and vegetation is so, so sad and my heart goes out to all that have been affected.

One has to ask why?
Seeing all the pain and suffering of those poor animals is awful and weighs heavily in my heart.
The fire fighters and volunteers have been amazing and great respect to them all.

And so, as we move forward in the first month of this year, I am looking for the sunshine, the good things, the happy moments - and I wish this for you all too.

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Such lovely sunflowers to start my day!

I know there are horrible things happening in the world. But I refuse to dwell on them, the stress has made me much more ill in the past and I'm not going there again.

I seek peace, joy, wonder at nature, and doing what I can that's positive for the little piece of the world I can work on.


You are so right, - we do not need much to be happy and nature gives that to me.
Our world has lost the plot to my mind and I wish more people would appreciate the important things in life and not the material ones.

Happy to hear you son is doing better!!!


Thank you, I spoke to him yesterday and although he is still feeling a bit fragile, he is at home and making progress each day.

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Very nice a picturw brother


Thanks for stopping by

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I hope you find your center, @lizziesworld. Many things can knock us off our foundation, from personal challenges to world news. But to to survive and continue to enjoy life we must find balance, find things to be grateful for, and breathe. I’m sorry to read about your rocky time, and so glad you are looking for sunshine. ❤️


Thank you for those kind words - and yes balance is important as without it we will drown.


So true. And it's not worth it. Life is meant for living and breathing. :-)