The Quality of Compost


Some things go unnoticed when it comes to using compost.

The best compost is the compost that you make yourself, but obviously there are those people that just do not have the space or time to do this and therefore ready made compost is purchased.
This is fine too if the supplier can assure you that it is good organic compost.

However, one must be aware that some composts may have pesticide residues and other harmful ingredients - this then gets taken up by the plants and passed on to you when the plants are harvested and eaten.

The same applies to kraal manures.

By making your own compost is by far the best way to go as you then know exactly what went into the making.

For those that have very small gardens it is a great idea to start a worm bin for all your kitchen scraps.
The worms break everything down and leaves you with the worm castings which is fantastic to feed your plants on - plus you also get the worm tea which is diluted and watered on the plants.

Today, we are always looking for healthier options when it comes to our food, so it makes sense to be aware of what you are feeding your plants on.
A good idea is to have your soil tested as many soils may contain very bad substances such as lead.

If this is found,it would be best to grow veggies in raised beds or containers where you can use good soil and compost.

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So true with so many things that we rely on getting from a store when it would be healthier to DIY. Great advice!


Yes indeed - I hope more people will be open to looking into the ingredients of everything purchased.

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Here in the US they can put food waste into it, from any source and then later call it organic. Right...


That is awful - there could be all sorts of substances that may contaminate your soil and plants.


I know! That's why I've never gotten any....

In all he years I have gardened, I have never had a compost pile. But with all the eggs (shells), coffee and bananas we consume, I really should start one.


Making your own is the right way to go as you can control what goes into it.

Yes, when bad compost is used, it doesn't count as organic anymore and there goes all the goodness of it :) It would be amazing if we still live in a world in which we don't need to worry about whatever pollutants or soil problems, but it's just a little bit sad that this is not the case :)


Most people are completely unaware of what some composts may contain and I am sure if they educated themselves, they would want to make their own.