Human Design 49 - Projectors and Sacral Deconditioning.

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You know you are living a Projector life when you are in no rush to wake up in the morning to generate work or doing.

Ponder on this. What makes us quickly wake up from the bed? Notice your mind is saying "I got work to do, I need to get things done". These thoughts come from Sacral conditioning which makes us want to get busy doing. All Non-Sacral Types are conditioned by it and Projectors suffers the most.


Sacral Deconditioning for Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors will make their body relax and not rushing into doing until the body is ready to do it. The obvious result is you have a very relaxing body. It doesn't mean your body will be lazy. A good deconditioning body knows the timing to work, to rest, to communicate, to act and to play.

I was a person who wakes up every morning rushing into work. As a person who has Gate 14 (conditioned as workaholic) and also a Capricorn, I think you can imagine how much I love working.

Nowadays things are different for me. I work when the body is ready to work. Otherwise, I spend a good amount of time rolling on the bed in the morning reading information, writing, breathing and relaxing.

To deconditioned your undefined sacral, sleep alone in your auric field is essential. If you are sleeping with a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you will wake up with the thoughts I mentioned above.

Throughout the time, you can feel the difference when your aura in contact with Generator's aura. You will get the Sacral energy to work and to get things done but you also know when enough is enough!


What is Human Design?
Human Design system is Self-Knowledge that shows your unique blueprint through a Rave chart called the Bodygraph. It also explains everything about you in a logical way. It shows the conscious and unconscious side of you, your characteristics, your roles in this life and much more.

Human Design shows your Genetic Code and WHO YOU ARE through Definition. With this knowledge, you are able to tap into your own power and begin to heal through alignment of your soul, mind and body.

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Thank you for reading, I hope this can shed some lights on your journey!
Blessing to you all.

Comment and share your thoughts with me if you like.

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Thank you for your support @esteemapp.

Not rushing is most probably one of the greatest things in life, nice to know about how to become deconditioned @roselifecoach


Indeed, it have help to improve my life tremendously!

I'm Aquarius and I try to live a stress free life @roselifecoach, and then I turn on the TV. 🤔

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Haha... You should change that habit.

When the body is ready is so important Lady Rose.
I am slowly reconditioning myself now in my first sabbatical year in almost 18 years.
And of course balance is a priority.


Totally agreed, balance life is important.

That’s me :
A good deconditioning body knows the timing to work, to rest, to communicate, to act and to play.

Only with STEEMER added hhahaha


Well, it is a busy virtual world in here I must say, hardly can keep up.


I downloaded the ebook going to read it on my holiday in Spain next week


Enjoy your holiday in Spain!

I suppose am already deconditioned as I follow my own clock. Everything else felt unnatural.

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That's so good to hear @foxyspirit!!

I like keeping busy. Much of what I do I don't see as work! 😊


Loving what you do is important too, means your body resonate with it.

I am learning this. Learned 2 months ago I am a Projector... I have worked far too much and learn to be back in my joy. Some work doesn't feel like work though so I'm experiencing and see how things work.


That's awesome @pascale! Strategy and Authority, just need to practice on this two first before go in too deep.


yes. thank you. pacing myself out. Learning Patience. :P