Introducing @sp-group - PowerHouseCreatives Contest

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This post has been written as an entry into the contest organised by @zord189 who’d like to meet more Steemit communities.

We’re very grateful for such an opportunity!

But, before we head to the main topic, we’d like to say a few words of explanation. As a @route-m-d we are writing for English speaking Steemians, but we have also our own Steem accounts used for publishing articles in Polish.

So, Monika’s account is @czaszi and Daniel’s @suchy. Daniel is writing most of the English content, but Monika helps him with editing posts and pictures. You can find us in @sp-group under those names and under @route-m-d in #powerhousecreatives. Hope this is clear and not so confusing 😊

So now let’s move to the subject of @sp-group...

The group has been founded by @andzi76 @michalx2008x and @strefanetu on 25 May 2018, as a response to certain conflicts observed within the Polish community. These three gentlemen decided to start a closed discord chat, where open-minded people with a friendly attitude could have an open talk and good laugh.

In the beginning, the group was closed to the public and people could join only if invited/recommended by existing members. You can say that it was something like the “Fight Club” and it’s hard to disagree. With time passing the group has evolved and we have decided to open our chat to all. Our goal was to support the best posts within the polish community and our members, but now we’re spreading good energy outside our community. We have recently opened English speaking rooms on Discord , and our curators now support English texts as well. Everyone can join our server and have a chat, but there’s one important thing. We created a delegation system, which works pretty well. Each member will get a vote from the group account proportionally to the steem power delegated to the Group account.

For example:

Delegation 6-30 SP = 1 vote of 18% VP/24H
Delegation 31-100 SP = 1 vote of 35% VP/24H
Delegation 101-500 SP = 1 vote of 70% VP/24H
Delegation > 501 and more SP = 1 vote of 100% VP/24H

Above and beyond everything, we like to organize contests for the Polish community. The most recent one was: Show us your personal space organised by @sajkus, one of our members.

People who are behind @sp-group are one of the best, we have ever met! We had a chance to met a founder @michalx2008x and @wadera in Kraków last year, but there’s another meeting coming up in May.

For more information about the Group check those links:

Below is a promo video recorded by @emsonic:

Would you like to say "Hi"? You’re always welcome!

See you!!

@suchy + @czaszi = @route-m-d

Daniel and Monika 😊


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Thanks for introducing your polish group to us! I'm glad to hear of this community, though small, I'm sure in time it will expand!!

It is wonderful to see all that you and your friends do for Steemit.
This makes us stronger. :)

Very nice post. I have been trying to figure out how to introduce the group I have created and how we can help the new steemians further than just introducing their posts. Thank you so much for the encouragement and inspiration.


You're more than welcome! So now we're waiting for the news about your group :)

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It sounds like a wonderful group! Having communities like that is so important for making friendships and building support on Steem. Especially for newcomers who without a supportive community often post and no one ever sees them and they just quit. About how many members are in the sp-group? I've been working on building a Steem community here in southern California. I really enjoy doing it, but it hasn't been easy.


Hi Derek, yes we're very close, maybe because it's not as big group as #powerhousecreatives. As mentioned above, we have a bunch of curators looking for good quality posts and upvote them. Right now in discord channel, we have 98 people, but 64 have delegated their SP. If you want you can pop into our channel :) There's an English room as well.

Wonderful to have a supportive community like you have in sp-group and that you are opening it up more for others to join in. Communities have always been a big thing for me.

I’ll be sure to check them out - I love meeting new people, new cultures, and new expressions of freedom thanks to blockchain technology!

Fantastic! Steem needs more niche groups like this. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Man I have had a crazy couple of weeks and haven’t gotten to play with the awesome #powerhousecreatives contests.

Here is to a little more time and more good ones.

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Hey @route-m-d! I have no other way to contact you :-( But I wanted to let you know that there's a meet-up in Rotterdam again, since you were such lovely and enthusiastic attendants last time I wanted to let you know! <3 Cheers!

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