The games a good diet can play

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What is a balanced diet you ask?


I know you obviously know the answer but what if somebody comes and says 'Hey you should eat more of this, it has so and so benefits for your health' Would you just start doing it?

Most probably no?
You will first explore and educate yourself about the food item and then make your decision on whether to consume it or not to.

I have a real story regarding Red capsicum. So what happened is I started consuming red capsicum in January 2019 when I was dealing with severe heartburn and GERD issues. I did study alot about red capsicum on internet and I found out it contains high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C. After knowing this, I did read alot about bell peppers in general, their various colours and nutritional values they offer.

That was it I ate a whole big box of salad everyday which mainly contained bell peppers. Then I reduced my salad to just one big red capsicum a day - so I was consuming 250gm to 300gm of red capsicum per day. I did it for months, 3-4 months continuously.

What happened?

Nothing bad. But until now when I am facing a weak bone issue in my body. The doctor said I have calcium deficiency and all my bones have become soft. I thought and thought for days on how can I possibly get my bone strength so worsened just by skipping milk? I was consuming milk in form of curd and I was drinking milk on weekends, I consumed shakes then how come.

Then it suddenly hit my mind maybe read capsicum did something to me?

Oh damn lord, I then read - excess of Vitamin A in body makes the bones weak. I felt weird, super weird and thought to myself - that is why they say YOUR DIET HAS TO BE BALANCED.

A Balanced Diet where nothing is consumed too much. I live out of home and in my lazyness at time to do things - I opt for quick fixes like 'Hey red capsicum fixed my gerd and now this is all I am gonna eat.'

This is so weird.

hmmmmm, just wanted to share with you all

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Oh damn lord, I then read - excess of Vitamin A in body makes the bones weak.

Could you provide any source which confirms that? :)


umm I have no source of it. Just read it on internet - here and there


The vegetables shouldn't be the reason for your problems ...
You may check my answer to @enginewitty.

But of course nutrition should be rich in variety.


have to see if that's what she means. Says something about the bones, interpret it how you will.



No, as your own source states: "High intake of provitamin carotenoids (such as beta-carotene) from vegetables and fruits does not cause hypervitaminosis A, as conversion from carotenoids to the active form of vitamin A is regulated by the body to maintain an optimum level of the vitamin. Carotenoids themselves cannot produce toxicity."


Maybe. Honestly couldn't find anything that was documented beyond 'bone pain'.


That's why I asked for a source. :)
Too many things are just claimed from anybody anywhere in the Internet.
I think it's important to verify things (as good as possible) not to spread (unintentionally) misleading information.

Apart from that, of course I agree with @vibesforlife that a healthy nutrition has to be rich in variety.


Hypervitaminosis A
Hypervitaminosis A refers to the toxic effects of ingesting too much preformed vitamin A. Symptoms arise as a result of altered bone metabolism and altered metabolism of other fat-soluble vitamins. Hypervitaminosis A is believed to have occurred in early humans, and the problem has persisted throughout human history.
Toxicity results from ingesting too much preformed vitamin A from foods (such as fish or animal liver), supplements, or prescription medications and can be prevented by ingesting no more than the recommended daily amount.
Diagnosis can be difficult, as serum retinol is not sensitive to toxic levels of vitamin A, but there are effective tests available.

Wow, so glad you discovered this! Beta carotene in vitamin A is also a danger to people who smoke or have smoked in the past and quit, as it increases chance of getting lung cancer. I thought it was odd that your bones were getting softer because you hadn't had milk, and your discovery will help you greatly!


yeah the fact that I was not consuming milk made my bones weak did not seem fin to me as well. Because I was consuming milk on weekends and I was drinking shakes too, but then thinking deeply about what I did in past few months - bell pepper was the first thing that hit my mind. Atleast I am at kind of peace now since I have bell pepper to doubt on along with lack of milk.

My diet is what I am trying to work on now. I find it hard to dedicate enough time to really figuring it out around my work schedule and my being too tired all the time (likely in part due to my unbalanced diet)

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yeah unbalanced diet can be the reason of tiredness- sounds like same things with me - too much work and unbalanced diet. Anything I find healthy - i kind of hook on it for a month until it leaves me with its side effects.

It's true, we can never overeat mainly on one type of food, there are good and bad about that.


yeah we can overeat one type of food particularly which we should not - I just educated myself with a real life lesson here

Oh Oh Oh Vibi.
Beware of internet sales talk is what my doctor told us.
Consider this, if all of their sales talk is the truth, then there should be no sick people???

You will find that every few months there would be a new "wonder" food on the internet with a lot of vibe. Blackberries, Blueberries, Mangoes, Alfalfa, Tofu, Peanut butter, I can go on and on. The companies pay to get them big healthy write ups to double their sales and many people fall for it.

I am so glad that you picked up on a BALANCED DIET, as it is so important for one's general health.


You are right - there is crazy marketing on good food and healthy stuff - people are selling anything with label healthy and since most of us wants to be healthy- in lieu of putting an effort for our bodies we fall prey to the marketing stuff. hmmmm Balance is a lesson I have learnt - something I will teach my children too


Looking forward to the time of your children Vibi.
That's why it's so important to get your health right now.
So that you can have healthy children.
All of our prayers for you!

Balance is everything!! Thats crazy that too much capsicum may have had an effect on your bone health..moderation is key.

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yeaah moderation is a lesson for me here.


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I hear you when you hear about these superfoods are that something is particularly good for what if ailing you that it is easy to go overboard with it. That's a good thing to remeber to have a balanced diet and also everything in moderation!
Hope your bone weakness gets cleared up soon!


yeah everything in moderation is the key and something I am going to focus on for rest of my life.

Very true! Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing (like ice cream, or beer). It can be very difficult to eat in a healthy manner, particularly with all the quick and easy options we have available to us. It's a challenge!


Yeah with all the quick options - its a challenge

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Wow that's interesting to know. I like bell peppers in my food but in future I'll remember about balance. 😊

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yeah balance is key. I am sure you won't be doing too much - I kinda went crazy about bell peppers

It is surprising how little we really know about diet and the proper balance. Plus, every person is slightly different, and some may be very different from average. It seems though that the more science learns at this point, the harder it is to know exactly what to do. For instance, calcium is supposed to strengthen bones, so as you grow older you should take calcium. However, there is now evidence that too much calcium is associated with higher risk of cardiovascular disease. So how much is just right and how much is too little or too much?


wow you wrote it so well - it goes from person to person - so right, my mother's body for example is super sensitive one. Something like almonds increase heat in her body. The study about calcium is interesting.

The only way I see is - Know you body and keep everything in balance. Though I am not good at it but yeah will try :(

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Balanced meal to me is mixed fresh vegetables, starch and some meat, if you move away from meat be sure to get right mix of vitamins from nuts. Stick with full milk, butter in other words avoid processed foods.

Go back to what granny taught you, it is more than likely better for your health in the long run, good luck finding a solution to balancing your diet and strengthening your bones @vibesforlife

Oh my @vibesforlife, you must have enough vitamin C and D for those bones! At my age the Dr has said take the vitamins each day. You are right, research research and make sure its balanced! Be well my friend!

Yes, balance is needed everywhere ... but keeping track of it is not so easy!

Great to hear that you caught it now @vibesforlife. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 🙏

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Always need to be wary of quick fixes, eating too much of one food or avoiding another...


yeah eating too much of one and avoiding another

It can be easy sometimes to rely too heavily on one food, so it's great you are trying to find more balance! A lot of the things I see lately on a good diet (especially for gut health) points to consuming a wide variety of plant foods throughout the week for the best variety in nutrients. That way we are getting a little bit of everything! :)

Another tip to keep up bone density is to make sure you are doing some strength training when you can. It can be as simple as body weight exercises like in yoga or using bands weights for some resistance. Just a few days a week can help keep your muscles and bones strong. :)


meaningful comment , I am focusing on the diet part and the exercise part I need to put some focus there now


I'm sure you'll get all the pieces of the puzzle working together in no time! :)

As long as we take a balance diet, our body should be able to get the necessary nutritious it needs.


yeaah right :)

See, I love peppers and this article scared me until I read the part about balance -- all I need to do now is add lots of cheese, my favorite calcium-rich food, and then ...

Oh, this is about a GOOD DIET...

Well, I almost got away with it... great article, seriously speaking, and thanks for the heads up. I do love peppers but will remember to eat them with leafy greens for calcium!


hehe yeah add something with it :)

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haha... some great TRUTHS contained here @vibesforlife I think our friends over in @naturalmedicine might have some suggestions both for your GERD and your bone issues. Hope glowing natural health will soon be yours!

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Everything in moderation has been my food motto for a long time now. Nothing in excess makes sense to me.
Our medical model encourages us to think that there are quick fixes to all ailments. Not true! Some will take a long time for our body to heal itself.
As for GERD, I get it whenever I drink an extra cup of coffee a day for three days - 2 1/2 cups is too much coffee for me!
I seriously doubt you got an overdose of vitamin A from eating peppers though. Maybe try making sure you also get some magnesium? I hear that helps assimilate calcium.


such meaningful comment, Gerd is something that comes back for me too with one fried snack in evening at times.
Yeah maybe magnesium also had a role - the doc currently had given me a balance of vitamins - calcium, C,D, magnesium

Your experience is very interesting. That's right, everything in excess hurts. It's best to have a balanced diet! 😊 Get well soon!

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yes balance is the key