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Plastic cans and containers,
often we use this to bottle our food, water and drink feeling just safe, but the question is are we really safe, doesn't all these artificial substances has an effect, is there an alternative to this? or we do really have no choice,

Though researchers seems to have answered this question by introducing bisphenol A. (BPA) free containers, plastic containers aren't safe yet,

Bisphenol A. as explain by Brent A. Bauer, M.D. in their blog is an industrial chemical that is being used in the production of certain plastics, since the 1960s to date

It is a polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics are often used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles, drinks and many other consumers products.

Research has explained the possibility of BPA oozing into food or beverage which is eligible of causing effects on brain, children behaviours and blood pressure.

Despite the advice about using a BPA free products its still not safe and not harmful to trade on.

Because even if your plastic is BPA-free, it could still harbor some scary health hazards. A typical substitute called Bisphenol-S (BPS)—which you’ll find in many BPA-free products—isn’t safe yet said Brooke Nelson in

 "The researchers exposed lab rats to low doses of BPS to mimic what humans would consume in water bottles and other products. That dose increased the heart rates of the female rats, which led to a higher frequency of cardiac arrhythmia (or abnormal heart rhythm), the study reports. Although male rats did not experience the same effects, the overall message couldn’t be clearer but the logical conclusion is that, at least in rodents, the effects of exposure to BPS are similar to those of BPA, which are still unsafe to the human systems. "

Its of high risk and danger to the human body, though not always recognised in our everyday life because we all want it fast and do away with it, but really if our health is to be cared for then we have lots of alternatives

Choices to choose what our body wants to look like because its isn't about pacing quick to work, eating the already made plastic parked food but about how healthy we grow, how smart we're in avoiding lots of old age sicknesses, cancer, infertility, and other health issues.

Down here in Africa we archive these through the use of leaves, it doesn't need to be industrialised but just to be washed properly, fold and design according to choices,

Its even another pretty method of making savings because it is not costly if really we can't get it for ourselves.
I recommend we embrace this idea and make less use of plastic for our safety and of nice environment,

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