PPG Training - Clips and Pieces Part 1: Home Field Kiting

6개월 전

I thought I'd share a few videos of my latest awesome new sport I've delved into.  Its called PPG or power paragliding, or paramotoring.  Basically its the simplest form of aviation where you fly by hanging underneath a fabric glider with a backpack motor to push you around.  Pretty simple and sweet.  In Canada, we need to acquire an ULTRA pilot license to fly these things.  That's a bit of a process but well worth it in my mind to have the freedom of flight.

Learning PPG has been awesome the last few months.  I started by buying a glider and practicing in the winter/early spring lots of kiting.    This is one of my sessions part way through my progression where I was working on minimum steering for glider control, forwards, reverses, kiting looking down, kiting on back and just lots of sideways, forward and back movement while gliding.    Like low winds here around 7-8 km/h but really smooth laminar air. Training in Alberta, Canada  

Here my first training video I've pieced together practicing control of this glider.

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Here we call it Motorglide.


Where are you from that they call it that. The name makes sense too. motorgliding....