PPG Training - Clips and Pieces Part 2: Launches and Landings

6개월 전

The last post showed my kiting practise, here are a bunch of my launches and landings at PPG training with my instructor on comms. Had a ton of fun getting into this sport, have finished all my training, exams and everything now so am able to fly on my own. Canada you need to be licensed so its a bit of a process, but also very good to have instruction and to learn it safely with an expert.

Really enjoying the flights now, here is some of the steps and progress along the way while learning to fly!

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Rad! Its good to see another paragliding person on steemit! I have a show that I host on youtube every thursday at 6pm pacific time. If you are interested continued education you should check it out. The website is paraglidingtalk.com and my YouTube channel is Robert Michiels Paragliding. Following you. Have a good one!


Hey Robert, I actually have watched all your shows, I never get in live, but am subscribed to your youtube channel, its a great show and I've learned a lot from you and your guests. Very good stuff and I enjoy some of your free flight videos too. Took a bit more 'process' to get flying here in Canada, but overall, its pretty awesome. I fly this morning again a few practice flights and saw my buddy I trained with get his first 3 flights too in training. So, Sweet, WHAT A SPORT!

I've not been on steemit much for some time, but nice to know you from here, hope to connect on your show sometime as well.


That is super cool! I just subscribed to your channel. Stoked! Talk to you soon. I am not on steemit very much my self. Make sure you say hello if you catch the show live and say hello. Talk to you soon!


thanks, I'll try to catch a show sometime, but I usually end up getting online an hour after it finished! haha. I'll say hello