The praise of the leader is an incentive

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Praise is an important skill for managers to motivate employees. In fact, people work for a better life and have the desire for money and jobs. In addition, I pursue personal honor more. According to an opinion poll, 98% of people want their leaders to give themselves a good evaluation, while only 2% think that the praise of leaders doesn't matter. When asked why people work, 92% chose "personal development needs".


As a manager, we should understand that people's development needs are comprehensive, including not only material interests, but also reputation, status and other spiritual aspects.

In an enterprise, most people can do their job conscientiously. Everyone cares about the evaluation of managers, and the praise of managers is the most needed incentive for employees. Generally speaking, managers praise employees in the following three aspects.

1.Praise can make employees realize their position and value in the group.


Employees' wages and incomes are relatively stable, so people don't pay much attention in this respect. However, people care about their image in managers' eyes and are very sensitive to managers' views. Because, managers' praise and praise are often authoritative, which is the basis for establishing their position among colleagues in this unit.

Some managers are good at ranking employees on certain abilities, so that everyone can rank among the best according to different standards. It can be said that this is a unique incentive method. For example, the leader of a certain unit praised Ma as the first doctoral student in the unit, A as the first master of "Dance Forest" in the unit, B as a computer expert in the unit, etc. Everyone has a title of "first", and everyone's strengths are affirmed. The whole collective is almost composed of outstanding elements from all aspects. Can you say that this is not a well-led and inspiring collective?

2.Praise can satisfy employees' sense of honor and accomplishment.


Managers' praise can easily satisfy a person's sense of honor and accomplishment without taking much risk or cost. No matter what they have accomplished is important or secondary, they should be praised to some extent, such as "I didn't choose the wrong person", "you succeeded again", "it was your credit", etc., so that employees will have a sense of accomplishment and the desire to continue to work hard.

If an employee seriously completes a task or makes some achievements, although he pretends not to care at this time, he silently expects the leader to give him a reward. Once the manager does not pay attention and does not give fair praise, he is bound to have a sense of frustration, and he will also have an opinion on the manager. "Anyway, the leader can't see it, doing it well and doing it badly". How can such a manager arouse the enthusiasm of employees?

Manager's praise is the spiritual power of employees' work. Similarly, under the command of different managers, an employee's work energy is totally different, which is closely related to whether managers make good use of the incentive method of praise.

3.Praise can eliminate employees' doubts and estrangement from managers.


Some employees have been ignored by managers for a long time, and managers neither criticize nor praise him. After a long time, employees will definitely whisper: "How come leaders never praise me, are they biased against me or jealous of my achievements?" Therefore, when getting along with managers, it is neither too hot nor too cold, pay attention to keeping distance, and there is no friendship or affection at all, which eventually leads to estrangement.

The praise of the manager not only shows the affirmation and appreciation of the employee, but also shows that the manager is very concerned about the employee's affairs and his words and deeds.

After being praised, some people often say to their friends happily, "Look at our boss, who cares about me and appreciates me. He praised me greatly for what I did that I didn't even think was great. Follow him dry. " Both sides have good views on each other. What can be the gap? Can you do a good job without unity?

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