Ink them keep away

5개월 전


My heartbeats... inked into words.
My heart beats, and makes me want to ink.
My heart sinks, and longs for me to ink.

Ink them away.
Sink them?
So, I can move on.
So, I can free my heart to wander... yet again?

My heart thumps and wants to ink.
My heart sighs and longs the need to ink.

My heartbeats... inked into words.

Ink dipped in emotions.
Ink dipped in contemplation.
Ink dipped in desperation?

My heartbeats... inked into words.

Ink them for keeps.
Or perhaps to let time fade them away?
Inks of all hues
Inks of longing and blues
Inks of the days so bright
Long into the sun shine, till there still is light
Inks of a thousand blooms
Very sure that there will never be doom
Inks of hopes and aspirations
Inks wanting to express in desperation
Inks of all hues

Inks that let me pay my dues
To the creator, to the created
Inks of all hues.
Ink them away!!

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