My toor to Germany

6개월 전


Many times I should have done it but I never did.

Many times I should have tried but I thought I was never good at it.

What did THEY tell you?

They told me, "your idea is stupid" - I said, "it's not your problem"
They told me, "you're wasting your time" - I said, "time will pass anyway"
They told me, "to daydream too much " - "I said I was enjoying the adventure"
They told me "I'm crazy" - I told them "i believed"
They told me, "you have a different accent, and not so perfect English" - I said "I will turn my" flaws "into my strengths"
They told me "you won't make it" - I told them "just watch me" ...

Remember another's opinion is ONLY another's opinion, don't let it affect you and your opinion - because in the end, YOUR opinion is what matters most ...

I beg you to remember this when others tell you that you can't ...

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