You can imagine Anything..

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⚡We lie to our kids
⚡We lie to employees
⚡We should stop it

So, a mom and her son were walking through the park one day.

"Son, you know, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up! That's what's great about life!"
"Mommy, yay! I want to grow up to be a bird".
"Okay, well you can't be a bird, you are a boy."
"Mommy, okay, I want to be superman, he is strong!"
"Okay, well, superman isn't real. You are a boy!"
"Mommy, I want to ride a motorcycle! Can I?"
"Well, sweetie, you are too young to do that!"
"Mommy, okay, I want to be a great daddy like my daddy!"
"Okay, well, your daddy left us many years ago, so you want to be different from your real daddy."
Dejected son says, "Okay mommy"

Instead of lying to our kids, lying to our employees, lying to others on Linkedin and social by saying "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!", "Your possibilities are endless!!!"

What if we said:

"You can BE the kind of person you want to be"
"You can treat others the way you want to be treated, and even better!"
"You can imagine ANYTHING!"
"You can be the best you possible!"
"You can be happy!"
"You can take care of others!"

My promise to you, on a Sunday...many of you I've never met or talked to before:

You were made for something special. Figure out what it is and do it!

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