Celebration the 15 Shaban!

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Hello everyone hope you guys are good and healthy by the grace of God!

In this article, I want to tell you about the 15 Shaban.This date is very important in the Islamic calendar because this night is very special for the Muslims and is called by the name of "Laylat_al_baraat" or "Mid-Shaban"

This a religious holiday in the Muslims communities over the night of the 14 and 15 Shaban. It is regarded as a night when the fortunes of men for the coming year are decided and when God may forgive sinners.

In many regions, this is the night when the prayers are arranged for forgiveness from God for one's deceased ancestors. In this night new book is opened and the previous book is closed with the record of the person what they have done so far in his life.

They pray to God for his mistakes and prayers whole night in front of God maybe God forgive him and considered in the Good and God-fearing person because this is the last chance for the previous mistakes maybe the almighty forgive him.

All the Muslims has great faith in the God that they will surely forgive their past mistakes and give him the Paradise when they die.

God only like the person who helps the other and respects their elders and good with their younger ones. No is superior on the base of the cast, color and profession all are equal in front of God. We don't know which person is more closed to the God and who is better only God knows well no one else.

On the Earth Allah is the only who can create or destroy who can give birth or die who can give food or and necessary elements of life. No one is better from Allah. "Allah is one and Hazart Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is the last Prophet of Allah"

Shaban is the month of the blessing which brings a lot of happiness and God blessing with them. This month is comes before the Ramzam-ul-Mubarak. On the 14 and 15 Shaban, many people pray to God for their Mistakes and also do fast like in Ramzan.On the 14 and 15 they beg to God like a child weeps for the things because this is the night for them to get a blessing from the God. God also like those people who have faith in them.

Allah never leave you alone in any stage of life they always help you when there is no even no chance for the help but the one door is opened for you always and it's from Almighty Allah. Allah is very merciful to everyone who is any part of the universe.

He is the only one who knows what's going in the whole universe. As a Muslim, I have faith in Allah pak and I know how much I'm worried they love me 70 times more than my mother they surely planned better for me what is good and what is bad for me and my life. No one can think which thing will give you profit or loss it's the only one that turns the loss into profit and profit into a loss.

Through this article, I must say that we are born to this earth only for the prayer of the Allah. Our first obligation is to pray from the God and bend your knees in front of them no other. If you have any wishes said to Allah and must hope on it they will give you want you are looking for they maybe give you late but they will give you. They love the tolerance and patience. This is the only key to reward the God blessing. God is very merciful they always help you whenever you need it.

But the face is only we are so busy in our lives that we have no time for God who creates us for their prayers but we human being still only concerned with the comfort zone and concern with the daily routines work. But we should realize that every passing day our life is going toward the final examination of your life which is very tough. But the only those person are able to pass it easily who spend their lifetime in the prayer of God.

Silent message!

Including me we are going so far from the main object of our life. We have to realize the importance of that time it is the only chance that we have at that time else we are nothing in front of them so think it!

Hope you guys like this article and think about the real objective of the life why we created!

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