Grand Solar Minimum Update 12/11/18 - Manam Erupts - Historic Southern Storm - BIG Snow Coming To West - Be Prepared Not Scared


Thousands still without power after deadly snowstorm blankets the South
500-plus Monday flights are canceled and 200,000 customers are still in the dark after brutal Southeast storm
100,000 Still Without Power
Black Ice a Big Threat for Central NC Overnight Following Record-Breaking Snowfall
Sunday storm the 2nd heaviest December snowfall on record
Many out and about despite extreme cold
Weekly snow forecast favors the west
GFS Total Snowfall US
Southeast Storm Winding Down; Northwest To See Multiple Storms This Week
A -25°C "Polar Cold Wave" Will Hit Quebec This Week
PNG's Manam volcano remains dynamic
Huge ash cloud seen rising from PNG volcano
Turrialba Volcano Spits ash Over the Great Metropolitan Area in Costa Rica

Arctic Sea Ice Is Growing Faster Than Before, But There's A Catch
Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica and has slowed rising sea levels by a THIRD
40-Year Meteorologist Says Recent Global Warming Due To Natural, Ocean-Cycle-Related Water Vapor, Not CO2
What will the sun do next?
NASA Spacecraft Spots Signal of Water on Asteroid Bennu
Life in deep Earth totals 15 to 23 billion tons of carbon—hundreds of times more than humans

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