Why Moonshine Should Be On Every Prepper's Short List


Moonshine is very versatile as a survival and shtf commodity, but where it will really shines in your prepretuare is as a barter item. Preppers often talk about stockpiling things that can be used as barter items, but most things we talk about are one-offs after shtf. Things like toilet paper, diapers, ammo, coffee and cigarettes to name a few. But whiskey can be made again and again if you know how to do it.

As a prep Moonshine will be made from whatever you can get your hands on. There won't be any fancy recipes or consistancy unless you're able to produce the ingredients you need. Traditionally moonshine is made with grains most notable is corn, but it can be made from anything containing sugar or starch.

So, unless you're just having a hard time finding enough food to eat, there should be plenty use in a batch of mash.

In fermentation you have yeast that feeds on the sugars and starches in turn the yeast releases alcohol, thus turning sugar into alcohol. This process can be done in 5 to 10 days with activated yeast but will take longer without it. Don't bother stocking up on activated yeast because it loses its effectiveness rather quickly.

Another plus is that the fruit you find that may have already started to become over ripe and mushy is perfect for a batch of mash. That rotten apple at the bottom of a barrel won't be a problem after all.

The yeast is the easiest ingredient of all. If you pick your fruit outside there will already be natural yeast on the surface of the fruit. Don't wash it off. This natural yeast will start the fermentation process on it's own. If you're really serious about making whiskey as a barter item then you can even propagate your own yeast and have it already activated to speed up the process.

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