Games You Never Knew You Were Playing

3년 전

So I work for a company contracted to the Department of Corrections. Haven't been doing it too long, maybe 4 months now, but it has been... surprising. Anyway, this is my fun story from the other day.

When you work the graveyard shift, part of the job is to get the lunches ready for residents the next day, like 60-70 each night. It's brown paper bag sacked "prison" lunches. I use quotes as we are a work release facility, so it's super low security and I just can't think of it as truly prison... but the lunches sure can be.

Anyway, I have played a game the last 9-10 times I have had to make them. After I have them all been made but right before I fold and staple the tops, I pick one lunch and drop like 4-5 extra cookies in it. I then pick a second lunch and put 10 extra mayonnaise packets in it.

Finally the other day I had one of the residents mention to me, "Mr Cross, my lunch had like 10 mayos in it yesterday!". I had way to much fun explaining to him that while there was only one real winner, they were also the only loser in a lottery that nobody knew they were playing.

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