Tales From The DOC... PREA Edition

3년 전

For those of you that have followed me at all, you may have picked up that I am not terribly serious (seeming) about much. So feel free to keep reading and don't worry about me taking you down a dark hallway. There's always something to find humor in and I am great at spotting it!


The Prison Rape Elimination Act, This is not really about the policy itself, but more about the signage put up around the facility. They have an couple large cork-boards peppered with stuff. Here is the one I noticed today:
Firstly, I will clarify I am in an adult facility and this seems super simple and obvious. That being said, did you see it?

Snitches Get Stitches!


I did clarify with our Community Corrections Supervisor today that our policy is in fact NOT be hurt if you tell someone. Good news right? Kinda baffles me that has hung there for probably years without being noticed. They wouldn't let me hang it back up after I pointed it out... crazy how little attention people pay to stuff.

P.S.: Follow me and look forward to more absolutely ridiculous signs seen posted in prison :)

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