Profiled and targeted! What is left of your "privacy" when using certain apps...



To cut a answer really short to the question "what is left of your privacy..."

well, not much it seems!

No matter how much regulation is introduced into our cyber life's like via GDPR or "The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)" once you've click on "agree" in their "Terms of usage" or "Privacy Statements" app providers pretty much can do whatever they want with your data!

See this nice article on "data usage" by such app providers by that is in part based on this report here

from the "Norwegian Consumer Council (NCC)".

I'm pretty sure that most people haven't ever read the fine print in the "user agreements" and "privacy policies" they have accepted for using apps on their devices.

Maybe you should think about giving this some attention because to most it's probably surprising what your data can be used for in terms of "profiling" & "targeting"!

Personal behavior/interest/activities/habits data, including our religious preference, menstruation cycle, location data, sexual orientation, political views, drug use, birthday, the unique IDs associated with our smartphones, and much more can and will be used to profile you and even those who you interact with too!

Just saying...


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