How to Protect Bitcoins Using Temporary Email Addresses

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Signing up for bitcoin services in any exchange can be a risky exercise. Exchanges demand an email address to register a new user, but this often comes with the real risk of exposing your email identity to millions of strangers. And in case proper security measures are not applied, hackers can easily compromise your email account, accessing your precious digital currencies.

Disposable, temporary email addresses can protect your identity when using a Bitcoin exchange. Some temporary email providers allow you to create multiple addresses which can be accessed in the same window while other simply forward your received messages to your primary email address. Some disposable emails are designed to help users make one-time crypto currency transactions securely without exposing their private information.

Email messages are safe, addresses aren’t

Technically, email messages sent over the Internet are often secure because they have been encrypted when being sent from one server to another. However, the email addresses-or the envelope-can be faked. Basically, all emails use the SMTP protocol which lacks address encryption or verification, explaining why the messages can be safe while the addresses never are. As such, it’s always difficult to know if a message has been read or not when it’s in transit to the recipient.

This is because hackers can sometimes intercept messages from the sender, read them, and send them onwards. When this happens, you lose your privacy to cyber criminals. As a consequence, your personal details get exposed and criminals may use this information to steal money from you or commit other crimes.

Benefits of disposable email addresses

A disposable email address safeguards against such risks. Temporary email addresses are simple to set up. In addition, they always work reliably. While they are ideal for safeguarding your privacy, they also protect you from a deluge of promotional messages from websites. They save you the trouble of sifting through loads of spam messages advertising products and services that you don’t need.

It helps to know that temporary email addresses can only be used once. And this is perhaps what makes them an ideal solution for crypto currency enthusiasts. As a practice, bitcoin exchanges do not expose the names or identities of coin holders. And nowhere in the blockchain can you find the identity or personal details of a coin holder.

But cyber criminals have a way of tracing the identities of bitcoin buyers and sellers. In a digital world, it’s hard to hide one’s identity — mistakes, errors or blunders are the norm rather than the exception. Internet users inadvertently forget to log out of their shared computers while others use private WiFi services which can be manipulated to reveal an IP address, and with it the user’s private details.

In conclusion, you can avoid such blunders by acquiring a disposable, temporary address. This explains why millions of bitcoin traders rely on temporary email addresses when signing up for services. One such service,, has given out hundreds of thousands of such addresses to individuals wishing to trade bitcoins. Because your privacy is too crucial to be gambled on, a temporary email should be an important tool for every online user.

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