ProBit Exchange Lists LYL/BTC, US$30,000 worth of LYL coins up for grab

4년 전

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ProBit Exchange ( is glad to announce a new pairing to list LoyalCoin (LYL). The LYL/BTC pairing will be made available on 30 Nov 2018 on ProBit Exchange.

ProBit Token holders are eligible for all 4 contests and stand to earn the most in this campaign. Purchase PROB tokens at


Trading Competition & Airdrops Details

Duration — 30 Nov — 20 Dec 2018

1. Trade LYL, Earn LYL

Trading competition for LYL/BTC where 4,494,000 LYL will be earned by Top 200 global users proportional to the volume of LYL/BTC traded

2. Buy and Hold LYL Coins, Earn LYL

Two snapshots will be taken at the start and end of the marketing campaign. Users with a net increase of LYL coins will receive an airdrop of 4,495,000 LYL, split equally between all users that have met the criterion. Capped at USD$10 worth.

3. Hold PROB, Earn LYL

Holders of PROB tokens will receive LYL:
Holders of > 250 PROB receive 1,500,000 LYL split equally
Holders of > 2,001 PROB receive 1,500,000 LYL split equally
Holders of > 10,000 PROB receive 1,494,000 LYL split equally
Above distribution of LYL is cumulative.

4: Trade LYL, Earn PROB

Users who trade LYL will receive PROB tokens. PROB tokens will be equivalent in value to 80% of trading fees.

ProBit Exchange will announce further listing of projects in due time. ProBit Exchange reserves the right to edit the rules of the contests.

LoyalCoin is seeking to reinvent customer loyalty. Multiple merchants have signed up with them, such as 7-Eleven and Petron. LoyalCoin also has a wallet. LoyalCoin is aggressively looking for new merchants to integrate into their ecosystem. LoyalCoin is built on the NEM technology.


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