ProBit Introduces the Referral Program Offering the Best Rewards Like No Other

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Several exchanges run their own referral programs but none offer rewards as lucrative as that of ProBit Exchange. ProBit’s Referral Program gives traders a variety of rewards that applies to every friend they have invited into the ProBit network. To be considered as a referred user by the inviter, the invitee should sign up at the ProBit platform and deposit at least $50 worth of digital assets into their ProBit wallet. In turn, the inviter is entitled to get the following rewards for every user they have referred:

Refer 1 friend and get 4 USDT

Refer up to 25 friends and get a total of 100 USDT

For each referred friend, the inviter will get a 4 USDT reward. This means that if the invitee refers 10 friends, he will get 40 USDT and if the inviter refers 100 friends, he will receive a total of 100 USDT. The USDT token rewards will be deposited into the ProBit wallet of the invitee. The release of rewards is subject to the approval of the ProBit staff. Suspicious activities such as duplicate accounts and use of bots will result in disqualification in receiving any benefits.

Referral Bonus (10–20% of transaction fee)

After the launch of ProBit Exchange on November 30, all invitees will receive a referral bonus amounting to 10–20% of the transaction fee of their referred users. This will apply to all the users that the invitee has referred as well as all the transactions of their referred users. The percentage of the transaction fee will depend on the PRoBit Token (PROB) holding of the inviter. Standard users with a PROB holding of less than 500 will get a referral bonus equivalent to 10% of the transaction fee while Premium Users with more than 500 PROB holding will receive a referral bonus equal to 20% of transaction fee.

10 Tickets at the Grand Lottery Event

From November 5 to November 30, ProBit will be holding a Grand Lottery Event. 10 winners of 10 EOS will be selected daily and 1 winner of a Samsung Galaxy S9 will be chosen weekly. The lottery is an electronic raffle draw where winners will be chosen randomly from the pool of ProBit users who accumulated tickets. For every friend that the invitee has referred to ProBit, the inviter will receive 10 lottery tickets. The more people the inviter has referred, the more tickets he will accumulate and the higher his chances to win in the lottery.

The inviter can spread the word to his friends in 3 different ways: 1) by sending a referral email, 2) by sending a referral link or referral code or 3) by posting on social media. All options are available on the ProBit website Referral Program interface that the inviter can access once he is logged in.

On the other hand, the invitee will receive 4 USDT and 10 lottery tickets after signing up on the ProBit website and depositing a minimum of $50 worth of digital assets into their wallet.

Start referring your friends now and earn the rewards mentioned above by participating on ProBit’s Referral Program! Visit this link to get started:

Register an account:

Join Telegram Group:

ProBit Token (PROB) Pre-Sale:

ProBit is holding a Pre-Sale Event of ProBit Tokens (PROB) from November 5 to 28. ProBit Tokens are available at a 10% bonus during this period. Learn more about PROB at


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