Beautiful mess and routines

2년 전

Life can be hectic. Life can be painful. Life can be joyfully messy.

I’m sure you can remember one of those days where you sit down and look at your diary and can’t even remember what happened the day before. It felt busy but you haven’t DONE anything special or made a real progress on any project you are working on. You’re exhausted and are craving some Me-time.

It’s where things get tricky because you feel too busy to take Me-time, but not having the Me-time makes you less productive and less creative. When you run your business or your household, it’s easy to feel like everything is getting out of control and that you are pushed left and right without any way to feel better.

Oh I know the feeling. I can tell you this though, you can get back on your feet and make your day easier and more enjoyable. You can fill your own tank and do better work.

The key is having some routines in place to support you.

I’m a multi-passionate individual and have been self-employed for the last 19 years, moving to a new country 10 years ago. Moved flat 9 times after I broke up with my partner in just 3 years. I often have to stay in hotel rooms when I work. I can work days, nights, weekday, at the week-end. That’s what happens when you work in film.

So many reasons to lose my marbles as my English friends would say. Even more so as I’m an introvert that really values having a nest to regain energy and sanity from my work as it requires interacting with lots of people.

Over the years, I have developed a set of routines to ground me wherever I am and baby-steps to build a better life.

I believe there’s a lot to gain having routines in place and creating baby steps to build them is a great way to start. Nothing’s too small that you can’t see a result.

Follow me to read what they are. More posts about his are coming.

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It's so important to find things throughout the day that support you, so when you're not feeling your best then you can you use those things, just like you said!

Building Ourselves - One Block at a time




yes. self-awareness is key. thank you for popping by and sharing your thoughts :)

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