How to start programming

4년 전

Today I'm going to write about my programming career.So if you would like to start programming you would need to start with something easy first.I recomend webdevelopement: html (hypertext markup language) then css (cascading style sheet) then js(javascript) as they are prety easy.You can find interactive tutorials for them for free(and also a few more small things for paid version but not needed) on : .And if you get lost you can search on .After this I recomend C or C++ as it's similar to javascript and java and it's very usefull .Or you can continue with webdevelopement on php(Hypertext Preprocessor).You can also learn a easy programming language called python.

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I would suggest a starter to go for a C language first.
It's good to have learnt a low level language bcoz it teaches us to code with the hardware ( kernel level coding).
Then, I would like them to start with Java, Python.


Have you drive a car? or have you ever repair/reinstall a software in a PC because it crash?
I both cases you really don't need to know nothing about hardware. In those days there are very specialized programming languages. If you wanna made drivers, antiviruses and embedded programming you will definitely need C. If you wanna made webdevelopment you will never need t0 know about C. you will need to know about html, css, javascript and tons of other web frameworks.
In short, If somebody want to cut a leaf of bread, doesn't need to know how it made the bread or the knife, but of course they need to know how to use it. :)


Well I ordered them in like a easy to hard order but I guess so you're right it's also better for them to learn C first or Assembly