Command Line Usage - Creating Directories, Creating Files, Moving Files Between Directories

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Working with the command line is definitely not a natural thing. I'm so use to graphical user interfaces. It it is taking me some time to become fluent with the commands and usage. I've been trying to force myself to access information from the command line during my day job. It has definitely slowed down my productivity however I'm starting to look at data structure more critically. I would definitely recommend this if you are trying to learn software development. The commands are somewhat different between a Mac and PC. Creating directories/files and moving them around is where I'm at right now. I've included the commands for this below.

Creating directory (mkdir)
Removing directory (rm -r)
Creating file (touch)
Moving file (mv [file} ~/ new location)

See sample screenshots below for (1) Making directories (2) Making files (3) Moving files between directories (4) Deleting directories . I'm working on setting up screen sharing software for better demonstrations.

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Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it. Cheers.

Brother take some time off. I know programming can be tricky and people get lost in programming losing track of time and routine. Refresh yourself and get to work again.


Thanks - I've been trying to make up time. I feel like I have some steem behind me so what to keep up the momentum.

for every action there is a command !
do we have to remember all these commands

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nice post

The truth that looks very complicated. It must be very good to know about programming. Maybe one day I will study a little when I have more time.