Hey anyone wanna see my AS Software developement C# coursework. I'm bored

4년 전

I've published this to Github, the course was finished in June 2017.
Randomly selected questionnaire (questions in a text file)
A drag and drop planet matching game
A snake game (bonus level)


The idea of the course was to show competence in C#, not to make a great game!!

Btw dont use this for your SSD course, I take no responsibility if you do.


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Took a quick look. Clean consistent style :)

I would structure things slightly different as pull apart the logic from the forms if I am honest. A good example is the timer events, if you look they are very similar to each other that you could extract the common into function/class and handle the differences with parameters and lambda functions :)

I have a load of posts on C# and programming you might like, feel free to nose around.


Yeah, I completely get that, this project was built in a few weeks along with a 40 page writeup and another 70 on testing the damn thing. Otherwise I probably would have removed common methods and added them the separate classes in a library, it was pretty much a tickbox exercise to be honest. However I feel it turned out well, given full marks (moderated actual results in august).