this guy might be the next prodigy : John Lin


this must have been about the most amazing stuff i have seen all year (since 2019)

lets hope the guy doesnt sell out to miCrotter inc. though it seems like today its the best you can hope for as a small-timer with talent-for-brains instead of money : to "get bought" by one of Crotter inc.

Everyone knows minecraft and i dont know if everyone knows the hype about "minecraft gets raytracing !!!!!!!!!" (while a community mod for that had been out for like a year or more)


Now THIS : indie and one-man-army (communicative and open to suggestions though)


is another world

thats not even "minecraft 2" ... EVERYTHING is realtime and even the audio is raytraced - im not gonna go into gamedev-theory b/c im a total noob but if you watch a few of the vids, read and listen and your jaw doesnt drop

then it probably means you dont know shti about von neumann dabbles

this guy is tensai , its all voxel and pixel based but even the fire has translucency - and the water physics ? with the woosh and the splash and the pixelfoam ?

then just watch the videos and go OMG what samsung galaxy do i need to play this and the answer is :

this stuff runs on low-end

A+ , passed with flying colours - someone to keep an eye on and

here's hoping the tek-6 dont claw him in , it will only stifle his crea

Help the man out, subscribe, whatever , if you have vested intrest in de-centralization and de-monopolization and you think in five zeroes or more (i only think in three since i usually only get to two on the bank account)

then maybe help out a bit without asking to print your sisters panties on the front page

its people like this who push the boundaries, not Crotter Inc. billions

(i wouldnt send him to hell for selling though - one of those Crotter billions sure would get ME started and i know for a fact if i sold an idea id probably have another one to work with ... but well - compared to this guy i am dust in the sand for brains thats for sure)

"Show me your wallet" , she said "and i'll have your pants". "If you want money for sex", i said, "i know girls who do that for less" "without the drama"
*how i became an incorrect anomaly*
*Commander Gato*
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