Best Programming Language you should learn

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Best Programming Languages You Should Learn for your career and future :

Python C# PHP Ruby Java is a general purpose, object oriented, Java-based computer programming language with the focus on program development for the enterprise. Python is an easy to use, high-level, dynamic, general-purpose programming language and is much like C but without some of the syntax intricacies. C# is a very powerful, imperative language that runs on the .NET framework. JavaScript Scala Groovy Ruby on Rails Why Java or Python? Java Java was originally developed for the PC platform in 1995. It’s syntax closely resembles that of C. Java can be used to implement business and industrial applications for enterprise environments and run as either an application server or as a client-side scripting language.

This is the recommended approach to learning a programming language from a self-study. After the first basic classes at a local college, the instructor may ask you to hand in assignments to start with for a teacher to evaluate your performance, and you can then begin to take the classes in your own time. There are two routes to take for acquiring Python: you can use a Python elearning course, or one of the many books on the subject, such as The Python Programming Tutorial. You can learn Python using a Python library. Many of the web-based development tools come with Python included as part of the bundle of tools. Python is the easiest language to learn and to code in. The result of coding in Python usually looks exactly the same as if you were coding in Java or C++.

The C programming language, or more precisely the system programming language, was created at Bell Labs in 1968 as a replacement for BCPL, a language that had been in use at the lab since 1965. The design philosophy of C is very different from other languages, and it has since become a truly portable and general-purpose programming language. C has the advantage of being able to use all the object-oriented facilities provided by modern compilers, without having to change the source code. An array of 10 C programming languages The 10 Best Programming Languages You Should Learn no need any introduction for this post , this is related to programming language , java , c, python and more.

Implementing No SQL Database How do I Start Learning Ruby? Ruby on Rails: Features and Overview It all started with the idea that maybe there were some little pieces of my life which I didn’t use as much as I would have liked to. Maybe I could use them for something bigger. I wanted to be part of the next big thing. What if I could create it? At the same time, I was dabbling in startups, so I thought that maybe I could help to build this future world, this new exciting, vibrant platform which would hopefully bring forth some great results. That’s how I started writing my first application, this was all still before I moved to The Netherlands where I am now living.

Assembly is the first step towards writing your own kernel , very useful for learning the nuts and bolts of computer hardware , it’s quite useful for learning how the CPU works . Image courtesy - eduin Dictionaries Dictionaries are often used in computer programming, its used to store and retrieve information . Image courtesy - iam1bil Erlang Erlang is the simplest OTP (Oberon Process Architecture) programming language. It is a functional programming language . Image courtesy - #erlang on HTML HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language is a set of characters, scripts and tags that make up the HTML interface on the World Wide Web. Image courtesy - serperlang HTML Annotations HTML Annotations are specially used to render DOM elements more aesthetically.

Ember.js Monkey Test (knock) Angular.js RESTful Web Services Swagger Spring.js MVC RESTful Websites Javascript framework Adobe Flex Twitter Bootstrap Angular 2 RESTful Web services HTML5 Common Lisp Ruby on Rails Testing Amazon Lex Unity Web Player Django Python Text Processing Ruby On Rails Scala CoffeeScript Django Gatsby Light Table Ember.js Django MVC Unit testing frameworks RubySpec Unit testing frameworks Scala Numpy Java NoSQL JavaScript ECMAScript6 HTML5 Dojo Angular 2 Ruby on Rails Django HTTP frameworks Scala Python PSGI Scala Java ECMAScript 6 SMAP JSX JSX Grunt Bootstrap Javascript testing frameworks Ember.

php a big big language with big bang. your career with this language is just a starting point, you have got many things to do here LISP Lisp is Lisp first computer programming language, developed by the MIT in 1965. It’s main application is as a programming language. Javascript JavaScript is a programming language which made the internet things possible. it has features from HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, Pascal. Python Python is a general purpose programming language for generic processing and manipulation of data. It’s a multipurpose language that has programming paradigms in both functional and object-oriented styles. It’s been especially popular in the embedded space, and is often used in scientific computing and web development.

Java Python D No surprise why Java is the world’s most popular language , If you haven’t learned any yet, I suggest you to start . Java is one of the very popular programming language for creating world class applications . 1, 21, 93 Language developers use the most: Java (69%), Perl (11%), PHP (8%), Ruby (7%), CSS (6%) and C# (6%) Foundation and Concept of Java Object Oriented Programming Liskov Substitution Domain Specific Languages Object Orientated Programming 1 Perl Many “Programming Language” are little but not more than some set of tools, they don’t have depth but their depth is that of Domain Specific Languages , Perl language is at least one of them and still much better than most of the language .

Date: Saturday May 15, 2010 01:01:41 PM UTC I thought I should start with this because: It is what makes the Internet; why most websites are written in HTML In order to create a website you don't need to know any of the Javascript, C, C++, Java, C# or Perl HTML is easy to read; You can read it without any notation, but most of the people including me doesn't like to read HTML, so you have to learn some notation Even if you have knowledge in HTML you can still create a quality web page in HTML, because you can insert tags from anywhere on the page and then you can display it on any device(desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). HTML is basically lines, columns and indentation; It can be a pain, but you can learn all of that and still not be able to produce a quality website.

If you haven’t heard of SQL yet it is an application programming language designed to facilitate fast access to data in an organized fashion. It is often used for analytical purposes and you can query your database using SQL. So, if you are looking to get into data, let’s get started with the basics of SQL. What is SQL? SQL is an XML-based extension to the object-oriented SQL language which includes a number of additional features in addition to the basic data modeling and manipulation features. SQL consists of an XML-like syntax to operate on and manipulate data within a SQL database. More Useful Links Read this article for more detail on SQL . . This is another cool infographic about SQL, if you want to know about its history and cool features check it out.

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