My top 3 post on project hope (07/10/2020)

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Articles curated by @project.hope: my top 3 weekly selection (07/10/2020)

I like the neighborhood and as a participant in projects, I retain allotted myself to the chore of weekly initiating a nomination of the writings that appear most fascinating to me and here I fetch them to you and submit them now.

This is all thanks to the labor of @crypto.piotr who has assembled this gorgeous and rising community called @project.hope

We are a committee of people who love technology, artificial intelligence, psychology, marketing, finance, and areas for which we are excited that we come together to share and illustrate our ideas through this community.

This week we we talk about crypto airdrops camping stuff and blockchain, very current and interesting posts, which I have dedicated myself to recommend, enjoy the selection.

So Lets see, here is my top 3 :

1 - USD360 Yfiv airdrop alert

"...Recently @xyzashu, a member of the HODL Community posted about this airdrop of the YFIV Finance Token.
I do not know much about the project except that they did a private sale recently with 1 ETH = 10 YFIV.
Their airdrop consists on small tasks to do on their telegram bot channel (follow twitter account, etc...) to receive 1 YFIV..."


2 - This Is why i prefer curating on leo

"...If you've been following my blog, then you'll realise that I've been writing almost predominantly on Leo for the past couple of weeks. Posting on Leo gives me the added advantage of earning Leo tokens on top of Hive and HBD from posts. Owing to the Hive price Hike, my earnings on Leo have matched or even outweighed my earnings in HBD, but thanks to change in curation reward, I now earn a lot more..."


3 - How to choose a tent

"...Nowadays the choice of tents is huge. Hundreds of types of tents are available on the market with different sizes, shapes, fabrics and of course prices. You may have already wondered how exactly to choose the right tent for you. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind if you want to make a really good choice..."


Wish you enjoy these reviews, I made it to collaborate with @project.hope

¡See you on my next post!

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