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Articles curated by @project.hope: my top 3 weekly selection (16/12/2020)

I like the neighborhood and as a participant in projects, I retain allotted myself to the chore of weekly initiating a nomination of the writings that appear most fascinating to me and here I fetch them to you and submit them now.

This is all thanks to the labor of @crypto.piotr who has assembled this gorgeous and rising community called @project.hope

We are a committee of people who love technology, artificial intelligence, psychology, marketing, finance, and areas for which we are excited that we come together to share and illustrate our ideas through this community.

This week we talk about news, finance and taxes, very current and interesting posts, which I have dedicated myself to recommend, enjoy the selection.

So Lets see, here is my top 3 :

1 - Are you feeling happy about paying taxes?

"...Considering the fact that nobody likes to have extra expenses that are mandatory, it is not so common for someone to say that they like to pay tax. I know that for some people this question may seem somewhat "meaningless", but the fact is that taxes with a transparent purpose, is always something very useful when it is applied correctly by countries and their governments..."


2 - Jaw dropping helpful financial money tips for new college students

"...Getting into College is the most beautiful part of life. You’ve got plenty of time. You don’t have a lot of responsibilities. And you simply show up at school, to learn and earn your diploma.
But that should not be an excuse to forget about money habits and disciplines. In fact, if you start early, you can have the jumpstart you need towards a rewarding financial life early in your career..."


3 - Apple killed brave rewards

"...ADs will still show up while browsing the internet but you won't get rewarded for clicking the ads. You will not be able to tip other Brave curators either.
Brave rewards (BAT) is dead on iOS..."


Wish you enjoy these reviews, I made it to collaborate with @project.hope

¡See you on my next post!

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