Project Newbie - Day 3 & 4 Statistics and some thoughts

6년 전

Day 1 - 8 users
Day 2 - 10 users
Day 3 & 4 - 14 users

Still looking for more active Finders on #projectnewbie or Curators who comment with @projectnewbie on intro posts.


8 Finders, 1 Curator

Recently I have mostly been commenting with the @projectnewbie account myself which means I will be rewarded most of the weekly reward. Was really hoping these posts get some more visibility so more people would step up to find the verified intro posts in time and make this a community account that would be used by more people in different timezones, and over time even users with different languages being able to welcome International Steemit Users. Feel free to join the initiative and earn rewards contributing!

Thanks for reading and like always, remember to follow @projectnewbie and through its comments get to find new Steemit users!

Image by @ausbitbank, check out his blog!

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  ·  6년 전

My good friend @jimitations joined Steemit yesterday, but I didn't know about this tag then. Here's his introductory post: