Project Newbie - details and updated guidelines

6년 전

Greetings! This is the account that will be in charge of commenting and welcoming new users to the platform, while at the same time informing users who haven't verified their account - the pros of doing so.

The posting key to this account will be given to a group of curators who around the clock will take turns and check on introduction posts and curate them so the backers of the project can freely vote on them. A list of all nominated posts and accounts will be held between the curators, we felt like having the list public would't be necessary. Cheating the payouts isn't a possibility on the platform because of the publicity of transactions and votes, so Finders of new posts can rest assured they will receive the reward they deserve.

Requirements of the introduction posts for Project Newbie

  1. Post has to be within 30 minutes and 20 hours

  2. Post has to be the first introduction post of the account (if they have made their intro post a long time ago and want to update it with a new and improved one, these can qualify too depending on their first posts reward)

  3. You can vouch for an account in case you know the user and want to save us time from checking for plagiarism, but you will be disqualified from linking on future posts on the channel if the account proves otherwise.

Incentive Rewards to contributors to Project Newbie

Starting now, all nominated posts will receive a Finders Fee and Curators who are using this account to comment on the posts will also receive a reward.
For the first week I am going to use $D 70 of the funds raised from the Announcement Post of Project Newbie which will be shared 75% to Finders and 25% to Curators.
Once a week this account will write a post with statistics about the amount of users nominated and stats about the Finders and Curators. In time the reward system will upgrade and enhance to give bonus rewards to great contributors to the Project.

After a couple weeks this will be a self-funding project. This account will be used by several people and with the support of the community we will be able to support the contributors to the Project. Depending on the amounts of user increase and future changes, we would welcome any extra support from the users so that the contributors feel properly rewarded for their time.

For the amount of daily new introduction posts, I feel $D 70 is a good start for the week, and you users can feel free to donate more by sending it to this account. This means that depending on the amount of introduction posts the current $D 70 will be equally divided amongst Finders and Curators at 75%/25%. Edit: additionally, to incentives users to also comment and curate introduction posts that don't verify their account, the Finders receive the same reward if the poster verifies their account within the payout timer, and curator as well for having commented with the @projectnewbie account on the unverified post, letting them know about it

The funds this account generates (from weekly statistics posts and comments and donations), will be used for future incentive rewards, starting next week, the funds from the posts this account creates will be used as reward to the Finders and Curators.
The Steem Power that is generated will be kept invested for now with the goal to vote up the first introduction posts.

20 $D reward for a nice logo/picture

from an artist here on Steemit for the Project to be able to be used in Weekly Statistics as the thumbnail and front picture. Reply in the comments if you are up for this and I will check your account of your past work (or other social platform account) and reserve the task for you.

The list

As mentioned earlier, the list will be held amongst the several curators who post on @projectnewbie account to welcome new users. This will be included on the list:

  1. Finder (who linked the account to the chat to raise awareness to it)
  2. Link (the link to the post, which also directly shows the username)
  3. Curator (who commented and voted on it with @projectnewbie)

Thank you for reading! Let's work together to welcome new users and help them get connected to others!

Drop by the #projectnewbie channel on to link to new introduction posts that you want curated and get a Finders Fee reward! There are still positions open as a Curator too, drop me a direct message @acidyo if you are interested in curating!

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Hello. The guidelines state that the post cannot be older than 20 hours, the extra 4 hours are to give curators time to vote on the post before the payout.
But this reminds me that one post of the project per day may be a good way to let users post the intro post links on to Steemit instead of having to enter "Project Newbie - Post entry for curation in comments" or something similar.

Great idea. Good luck everyone.

This is another nice project idea, should really help new users feel more welcome! I like it!

I just signed up today and contributed my first post. I'm excited about this platform, but it's pretty confusing to use and there is very little help in terms of FAQ etc. I don't even know how to upvote someone else's post. Where can I go for more information for newbies like me?


I just joined today and have to say it is a little confusing but think I am getting my head around it. Try using the search function by the submit a story link at the top and you should be abl to find some helpful posts.

Great, I guess. I'm still struggling to crystallize my understanding of what all this is for. I came to steem looking to engage like minded people in interesting discussion and share ideas. I'm still not really sure how to go about doing that. The UX of this site seems disorganized and confusing to me. Is there a sort of 'how all this steem crap works 101' out there anywhere for newcomers? I'm starting to feel like this is just a waste of time.