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Hello fellow Steemians !!

Although the time does not give much more, we continue to promote Steemit and Fundition every day!
On this occasion I had the opportunity to explain to the founder of Cardio Latidos, a non-profit organization, how works this wonderful platform that is Steemit.
Although he is familiar with the Bitcoin and knows about other cryptocurrencies and tokens, he was unaware of how is made the blockchain and i took the opportunity to tell him how the Witnesses in Steemit "keep the network safe, while processing the operations contained in each block"
Of course, how Steems are created every day and distributed among Steemit users etc

  • If you are new on these seas and want to know more about how Steem is generated every day in the blockchain, visit the following link:

Previously I had shared with him some basic information about Steemit through WhatsApp, but a meeting with a (future) Steemian, is usually very enriching and so I wanted to meet him and explain everything step by step; )

This NGO collaborates with security and emergencies in the Canary Islands, with the help of needed persons with dependency and also trains both professionals and volunteers.
Soon you will see the great work they do in this part of Spain published in Steemit!

As almost any organization that is dedicated to doing good in the world, Cardio Latidos, needs funds to continue doing this work, that's why I explained to Plunio the beautiful of the Fundition platform, so he could raise funds for his cause.
For me, the magic of the block chain is multiplied when is combined with the Fundition.io platform!

Image fount: Fundition.io

This decentralized crowdfunding and collaborative platform allows you to raise funds for a solidarity project through "likes" positive votes in Steemit or Hearts, which receive publications and updates in Fundition. More details
This system has fascinated him and is just waiting for the Steemit Canarias team to register the account through SteemConnect.
After a presentation on Steemit and Fundition, work will begin to launch a crowdfunding campaign on this platform to improve, protect and save many lives in the Canary Islands

Another initiative that we talked about a long time ago and that I explained to Plunio carefully, was the genius of the team @steem-ambassador

  • Did you know that by doing promotional activities through this initiative you can be financially rewarded for it?
    Do not hesitate to visit @steem-ambassador !!
    There are wonderful people collaborating every day so that Steemit reaches every corner of the world!

Seeing me with the t-shirt of #promo-steem and asking for a snapshot of the moment, he knew what it was for! However, I had time to talk about the initiative, about the founders of @steem-ambassador and the ambassadors and all the collaborators <3
He was fully agreed with me, is admirable that people from all over the world join these platforms and create initiatives with this great social impact, especially in disadvantaged countries.
Once again I have to say:

Thanks @steem-ambassador & @fundition

The incorporation of this NGO to Steemit and Fundition is a good new for both communities. Not only we'll enjoy their works published on the network, but we will also call attention!


The team @steemitcanarias of which I am a part, has proposed to Cardio Latidos to create a logo using theirs as a base with some modifications and they thought it was good idea!

Provisional waiting for the standard logo

The logo of FUNDITION.IO will also be added to the Cardio Latidos car!
These logos will travel many kilometers stuck in the car and will be seen by thousands of people in the Canary Islands.
Cardio Latidos collaborates with institutions and security bodies of the state and is present whenever possible in sporting, cultural events and leisure and free time activities in the Canary Islands !! More information about Cardio Latidos

With this, work and perseverance, we will reach level 2.0 in promotion of Steemit and Fundition in the Canary Islands and Spain this year.

Big thanks to @starkerz @cryptocurator @surfermarly @flamingirl @kilianparadise @hungryhustle @futurethinker @fundition Team and all collaborators - supporters <3

My best wishes!


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Thanks for your support @steem-ambassador team , ambassadors and collaborators!!!
It motivates and encourage a lot of Steemians to give the best every day so we can reach every corner. Soon we'll be sticked on their car as @cardio-latidos sponsor so #promo-steem would be easier on TV as you can see in this interview:
Spanish interview on TV Canaria talking about the initiative of supplying CPR equipment in each place needed to save lifes
Mis mejores deseos chicos!!!!


Account for Cardio Latidos NGO was created through steemconnect. You can find them at @cardio-latidos
Thanks guys!

Thank you @cauac.

Thank you for being a loyal Funditian and helping spread the voice of Fundition all around, we really appreciate your efforts to try and promote Fundition. As a token of our gratitude, please accept this upvote from us. Take care and keep spreading the word about Fundition whenever you can, so, we can grow and help as many people as possible. We wish you all the best.

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Thank you @funtion team!!!
I just try to give my best for the common good : )
Building a better world and being part of the change is an honour.
Thanks again <3
My best wishes