In Love With My New Steem Beanie - Thanks @rivalzzz!

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Hi Friends!

As a Seattle area dweller - I wear beanies at least half of the year. So when I saw @rivalzzz was auctioning off Steem beanies to help raise some money for his trip to Steemfest - I jumped all over that!

I was super excited to win this beanie and then was even more excited when it was hand delivered to me by @rivalzzz at a bar when they first landed and met up with us!

I obviously wore it around the rest of the night! A beanie is a very practical item here in Poland.


@jayna, @nomadicsoul and I just finished getting ready in our Air bnb and are heading down to the Qubus now for opening drinks! Can’t wait to meet more of you!!

Xo, Lea


Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


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YOU MET @NOMADICSOUL ??? So jelly ! ( check discord when you have time :)


She’s amaaaazing!! So glad we get to be roomies!

Damn I lost my Steem Beanie last year.

Have a lot of fun and you do look cool in it as well ;)

Speechless how sexy you look 🤟♥️

It's a great look! Enjoy the Fest!

That’s a great beanie indeed!!!! ;-) And it suits you very well ;-)
I can imagine you like wearing it in Poland, as it is getting pretty cold there now. But what do you wear it for in Seattle? Are the temperatures similar over there?

See you soooonnnn ~

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It looks super cool 😉

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Lovely to meet you today.

It certainly does look cool on you. And how cool is it to be delivered in person? That's pretty amazing.
Not only did he meet his goal of going to Steemfest, but to meet your Steemit friends in person.

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