Credo Kommunity Update, Week 10: Thank you @GMuxx [Witness]

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As the Community experiences her growth day by day, little by little, we don't fail to keep you apprised on the community progress; hence the weekly update. Welcome to the Credo Kommunity Update, Week 10.

Last week, so many things happened in the community and to members of the community. This Community had her first interactive session (Question and Answer) with a Witness, @GMuxx on the Discord Channel. Questions were attended to and advices where given.

Some of the questions asked and reply given are;

  • Who is a witness?

Reply: basically witnesses run servers that sign off all blocks on the blockchain - confirming all interactions. Posts, comments, wallet activity etc.
they also run a pricefeed that checks with exchanges on the price of steem vs sbd, so that the price in the internal market is always up to date, also it's this that calculates your post rewards

  • On the steemit platform, I have noticed there is a whole lot going on, how can someone create a niche for oneself.

Reply: finding a unique niche is very difficult as you can imagine. The best advice I can give is to share what you are passionate about and what interests you. Your passion will shine through then and make you more readable.

it's not so much finding your own niche but your niche finding you, you will eventually work out what works for you and what doesn't. There is no magic formula and what works for one may not work for another

  • About the community (Credo) it doesn't have much delegations , so when it upvotes a post .... it doesn't earn much. What can be done?

Reply: grow as a community, get noticed more - or if you have the funds buy some delegation

  • It seems as though if bitcoin price falls all other crptos follow suit why?

Reply: because BTC is the biggest and most popular.

  • how do I increase my steam power, it seems to worth nothing now.

Reply: Grow your following, network more, post good articles and make good comments on other posts

  • What's the benefit of becoming a witness?

Reply: Witness do the job for 2 reasons. 1, to support the network and the blockchain - 2, because they earn a little while doing it.

These are just few of the questions attended to I can share now. There are many more!

After the interactive session, @gmuxx featured a newbie of the #Credo Kommunity; @jephterjnr in her #ians (introduce a new steemian) week 10. View HERE.

@keban was nominated by @gmuxx for Curation post for #OCD.

Congratulations @keban and @jephterjnr. Thank you @gmuxx for Promoting #credo and her Members.

Author's of the week.

We had so many post by members of the community, you can view them by clicking on the links below.

  1. By @samiwhyte; Promoting Dtube and Steemit to Fun Lovers and Tourist at Africa Business Resort (Tinapa) - UPDATE
    Visit his blog for more interesting posts.

    Visit his blog for more interesting posts.

  3. By @njokuoluchukwu; What the Community hid from Us. A message to Newbies especially (A MUST READ).
    Visit his Blog for more interesting posts.

These are just a few, visit the #Credo Tag for more interesting posts by her members.

HURRAY!!! CREDO COMM Clock's 47 in Reputation!


We won't stop appreciating the help from @gmuxx, @abh12345 @starkerz @steem-ambassador, the #promo-steem Community and everyone that have contributed one way or another to be the community.


The Credo Kommunity also needs Support in any way; Investors and Delegations, so as to assist Newbies.

All earnings gotten from any Credo post is used to Power Up to support Newbies.

The Community Weekly Update is brought to you by;
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Wow, this is good news guys
We are progressing

Thanks, very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!



Hey guy
This is spamming and it's wrong


Spamming is not tolerated here sir, be warned

Very true sir, #credo had made lots of progress as we as a community have birthed a good number of newbies, thanks to @gmuxx for her support and also the promo-steem team. .....we need more support to encourage more newbies.


Yes sir. True talk.

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