Credo Kommunity update; Week 8: Beyond Comparison

3년 전


It's eight weeks now since the Foundation of the Credo Kommunity and her growth is beyond comparison. We always bring you the progress report.

Before the report proper, let's remind you what the Credo Kommunity stands for.

Credo is a support project for newbies in steemit community, it's here to raise support for newbies to ensure they remain active. Credo is not here to make profit but to convert all earnings/cashout to Steem Power(SP) to support newbies.

This purpose is being achieved as Newbies are trooping into the community.


Last week, the community had limited activity as plans are being made for this week. One of her plan includes the THE MENTORSHIP PROGRAM for Newbies.

After the campaign at the River State University of Science and Technology, (R.S.U.S.T.), with the large crowds gotten, it was needful to organize a Mentorship program where the Newbies gotten can be taught on how Steemit run, the basic terms and how to make quanlity posts and navigate through the platform.

The Mentorship program is scheduled to hold this week, as due to circumstances beyond our control it wasn't actualised last week. The date, venue and time will be communicated to Newbies.

Individual progress

As members of the community are working towards progress and Promoting the community and Steemit in general; @samiwhyte became a #Stewardsofgondor. He got a 1000 Steem Power Delegation which will be used to Curate comments.

Most of the Newbies activated theirs account and will make their first post this week after the Mentorship program. These Newbie amongst others includes; ‬


Are appreciation as a community first goes to @fulltimegeek or #Stewardsofgondor for the opportunity given to @samiwhyte. We also recognize the support of @starkerz, @anomadsoul, @hr1, @abh12345, @futurethinker and the entire #promo-steem Community. We Thank you all.

We won't forget to say thank you to @gmuxx; a witness that have decided to join our Discord Channel to help Credo achieve her go. Y'all are a blessing to Credo.


The Credo Kommunity also needs Support in any way, Investors and Delegations, so as to assist Newbies.

All earnings gotten from any Credo post is used to Power Up to support Newbies.



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