The Birth Of Credo Steemit Community in Rivers State Unversity, Nigeria

3년 전

Hello everyone, following the success of our last Steemit Awareness Campaign in Rivers State University, @credo community has decided to lunch a steemit community in Rivers State University, Nigeria, which will involve in several promotional activities to steem up the University.

A Brief About Rivers State University

Rivers State University of Science and Technology is located in Port Harcourt City (PHC), Rivers State, Nigeria. It has staff capacity of about 3,000 and student capacity of over 22,400. It is the first university of technological in Nigeria and the first university to be situated within the Niger Delta Region. It is currently Nigeria's best E-learning institution and 15th best institution of learning in the country. It is the only Nigeria university accredited to offer degree programs in Marine Engineering.

The Birth of the community

This is coming as a result of series of calls from the newly registered member from the meet up. The newly registered members who are over 100. has called on the @credo to create a community in the school where steemians will meet, support each other, plan and execute promotions that will steem up the whole varsity.

The newly registered steemians has propose @nexty as their leader, who will be involve with the plans and executions of the community. They have promised to support this community to register over 5000 students in the coming months, which is a good news for the steemit community.

The success of the last meet up cannot be over emphasize as the newly registered steemian has gone ahead to sign up new users. In the coming days, the usernames of all accounts registered so far will be published thereafter we shall embark on mentorship sessions, where these newbies will be trained on original and quality contents.

The mentorship session will be handled by some members of the credo community, currently @njokuoluchukwu, @tekadii, @samiwhyte, @ododah and @keban has volunteer to be available to put the newbies on course.

Thanks to @drakos for witness, @starkerz, @stephenkendal and @anarcotech of #promo-steem communities for their support.

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