Say No To Domestic Violence


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Everyone looked so beautiful with a smile on their faces as the wedding bells rang while the bride was walking down the isle with her father beside her and her husband at the alter smiling and looking directly at her, it was the happiest day of their lives as they finally get to tie the knot after years of dating.

Kelvin and Stacy has been dating for 5years, they both loved each other and despite all the challenges they faced through their relationship they never gave up on each other, and they never loved each other less.

So, the wedding is over, the couple are back from their honeymoon and now it's time to face the marriage life.

They both lived happy, but as people always say “nothing lasts forever”, don't get me wrong, there can be true happiness but in this case the happiness faded away with time. It all started with the day Kelvin asked his wife to stop working and become a full house wife, she declined at first then it became an issue, he started picking faults in anything she does, said she doesn't respect or obey him cause she's working. Technically he's one of those people who believe working class ladies don't respect their husbands and every lady is meant to be a full house wife. This became a serious issue in their marriage, so she decided to quit work, she said to herself “I won't let little things like this ruin my marriage, if this is what will cause my marriage to be broken then I better stop it now ."

She quit her job and her husband calm down for a while, it's been two years into their marriage and no kids she was beginning to get worried, so she went to see a doctor while her husband was away only to find out after running some tests that she's 1week pregnant. She was so happy, she ran home waiting for her husband to come home so she can break the news to him, he was also happy when he heard it that he pampered her throughout the pregnancy.

It's 6years now and their daughter, Sarah is 6years old, they've been trying to have another child for the past 4years but all to no avail. The doctors keep saying they're both ok and they should keep trying, and they did but still no result. This frustrated Kelvin, cause he really wanted a male child, he started coming home late, refusing to eat her food, started drinking, stopped talking to her and most times even refuse to sleep at home and anytime Stacy tries to talk to him about sleeping out, it turns into a big problem as he starts to beat her, yes, Kelvin started beating the love of his life Stacy. He beats her and he doesn't care if his daughter is watching or not, Stacy endured this for a year, most times while she's crying her little daughter will be the one consoling her. She doesn't cry just 'cause he beats her but he also had a habit of raping her.

Some of you might be wondering if that's possible, well it is. Whenever he's in the house he forces her to have sex with him and If she tries to resist for any reason what so ever, he'd beat her up until she's too weak to resist. This went on and on, she refused to leave cause she felt staying is best for her daughter and she doesn't want people to start laughing at her.

She kept enduring it for over a year until one faithful day, she was really sick probably due to some of his beatings. She had been on the bed all day, while her daughter sat beside her consoling her, then Kelvin came into the house saw her laying on the bed and began to shout, she quickly told her daughter to go to her room and rest. While Sarah was walking out she said “daddy please don't beat mummy, she's not feeling fine” and she went out, this stirred up the anger more, he said “so, you've been turning my own daughter against me” and Stacy tried to explain that it has nothing to do with her, that often times Sarah hears when he beats her that's why. This little she said ended up causing her a huge beating, he beat her so badly she started bleeding then she fainted, after seeing her faint he finally snapped out of it and rushed her to the hospital, on getting to the hospital they had to rush her to the ICU.

Hours later, the doctor came out “Mr Kelvin, I'm sorry we couldn't save the baby but your wife is fine, she just needs enough rest” Kelvin was dumbfounded as he asks the doctor “which baby” the doctor explained to him that his wife was some weeks pregnant but it was lost due to the accident, cause he told the doctor she had an accident in the house.

Kelvin sat down, thinking and regretting, the baby they've been waiting for was finally here but he killed it. He went inside to see his wife and she screamed at him not to come near her, she cried and told the nurses to take him away. As the nurses were trying to walk him out she grabbed the closes sharp object she could find and slit her throat.

The nurses ran back to her, to try to save her, they called the doctor and he ran there but it was late, she was dead already. Kelvin just stood there watching how he ruined his life and family with his own hands, it was at this point he realized how much he still loves her but it was too late for that.


About girls foundation

The girls foundation is a project set up to enlighten young ladies of their norms and value, advocate for the girl-child, encourage and support them with the little we can.We believe the girl-child can bring about change in our society. Women are essential to the nation because they take care of its children, the children are the future leaders of the nation, if you are familiar with the bible you must have heard of this verse “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he won‟t depart from it”.Girls foundation was founded by a group of selfless ladies, it is a non�governmental organization an d believes in decentralization.


  • To enlighten youths of their purpose in life. We believe once you know the truth and purpose of your existence you are free, the journey to success and failure now lies in your hands.
  • Rape free society- Rape is a sexual assault carried out against a person forcefully. The rate at which girls are being raped these days is alarming, we are also humans and we deserve respect. Most rape victims suffer from trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, serious injuries and in some cases pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection.
  • Fight against domestic violence- it is also known as intimate partner violence, domestic abuse or family violence; it's a form of violence committed in a domestic or family setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation. It is called intimate partner violence when committed by a spouse and called family violence when it involves the kids, parents or elders. Domestic violence has several effects on human that's is why girls foundation is picking it up. Effects of domestic violence
    includes :
    1.) Physical effect: This involves bruises round the victim, broken wrists, shortness of breath etc.
    2.) Mental effect: This involves PTSD (post-traumatic stress),
    pressing, drug abuse, suicidal thoughts etc.
    3.) Emotional effect: This involves feeling unworthy, hopeless and not motivated etc.
    4.)It affects the development of the kids and they suffer from
    depression, anxiety, fear etc
    Domestic violence always produces an international cycles of
    violence. Funny, only few people see themselves as being abused; considering it as family matter.
  • Girl education: Some people still believe that training a female child is a waste of time and money 'cause they feel she'd still end up in the kitchen, well sorry to disappoint you but ladies can do much more than just being house wives, lots of educated women are doing fine in our society today. Every child deserves equal right to education.We don't think anyone should be treated differently because of their gender, we are all one and it's high time we realized that.


The primary aim of the girls foundation is to enlighten youths and increase the awareness of the steem blockchain and steemit. Giving girls the ability to create wealth with their writing skills, without waiting for the government intervention.


We would so much be glad and grateful if you could support @girlsfoundation with your Delegation by simply clicking any of the preferred links below. Many Thanks for your support.

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