How one person's dream changed a thousand lives

4년 전

He has had a hint of the possibilities, thus he has a dream, and it’s not of a selfish one, but one of helping others. He travels day and night, from city to city spreading news of this life-changing, nearly magical platform that we know as Steemit. @MichaelCJ, founder of @SteemCamp and @SteemNaira hosts entertainment events throughout Africa to encourage the youth to participate in the Steemit movement; from football tournaments to talent contests, he is taking promo-steem to the next level.

As mentioned in our previous post, ONE Steem can pay for two to three meals in Ghana (and Nigeria). Michael knows how large of an opportunity Steem is for the Nigerian and Ghanian people, and he doesn't want anyone to miss out.

When I think of Michael, I am reminded of the history lessons about Paul Revere, but this takes place in Nigeria and instead of shouting “The British are coming!”, it’s “The STEEM is rising!”

@SteemCamp is one of the projects that we are aiming to help get funding on

We’ve all experienced the fatigue, the exhaustion after a long day at work and having to make the struggle home, but family is waiting for us so we mustn’t fall asleep. For Michael, family is waiting to be made in the next city, whether it’s 100 miles apart or another 300 miles away. @MichaelCJ and his crew @nmalove, @casweeney, @jacobite, and @graface, have onboarded over 800 people since they joined Steemit in December, 2017.

@jacobite, @michaelcj, @casweeney, @nmalove

SteemCamp is a youth empowerment initiative aimed to eradicating unemployment and poverty in underdeveloped and developing countries in Africa and the world at large.

Midway into their journey, several whales and orcas gave @SteemCamp their support with their massive upvotes and things were kicking off.


Steemup Kaduna still has the largest crowd attendance in Africa.

There were performances, music, and dancing!

The whales and orcas worked out a plan with Michael to help @SteemCamp grow even faster. They led Michael to believe that it’s time to go big. He purchased a ton of promotional materials and secured venues for large-scale events.



football gear.jpg

football awards.jpg

football trophy.jpg

@SteemCamp visiting the NNAMDI Azikiwe University:
NNAMDI Azikiwe University.jpg

Michael reached out to over 2,000 students about blockchain tech and Steemit that day.


Football tournament organized by @SteemCamp:
football day 1.jpg

football board day 1.jpg

Over the course of 3 days, 10 teams went head to head on the football field.

football day 1b.jpg

football day 1c.jpg


football strike.jpg

football win.jpg


football audience.jpg

Hundreds of people came to attend the tournament over the 3 days, making this one of the largest promo-steem events across the globe.


While the support from the whales and orcas was done with good intentions, as we saw in the recent months that Steem fell tremendously, so did the support from these whales and orcas. Without the continued financial support, @MichaelCJ was left with all the financial burden and had to take out loans to pay for the events planned ahead.

His Steemit account was held ransom, the loaner who was permitted access to the account changed the keys and Michael had to beg for his keys back. Despite the challenges, Michael hasn’t given up; that’s how Michael found me and that's why I’m telling you his story. @SteemCamp is still chasing the dream through sheer will and faith in Steemit and our community.


These events are currently happening.

miss steem nigeria.jpg

miss steem.jpg

setting up.jpg

miss steem promo.jpg

miss steem stage.jpeg

miss steemstage.jpeg


The talent contest is also on the way.

one steem stage contestants.jpg

one steem stage.jpg

one steem promo.jpg





What If

Imagine if Michael could achieve his unwavering dream to empower the youth across Africa through Steem; how this would inspire many more to go out there and help others. Our world would be such a kinder place with more giving, more care, and selflessness. These are the messages that Michael embodies.

Follow his journey @SteemCamp. Here is his application to become a Steem-Ambassador.





Would you like to promote his cause? Michael is looking for influencers to help spread the word about the campaign that is scheduled to launch two weeks from now, 60+ rep required. Join us on Discord.

50% of the SBD & SP earned on this post will be donated to @SteemCamp’s fundraising campaign.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to the changes we can make together!

rob chen 100px.png Rob Chen, Co-Founder

P.S. We’re looking for someone with animation experience to join our team. Compensation is 50% of post earnings. Join our Discord and provide links to previous videos that you’ve created.

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We use 90% of our upvotes to fund verified and approved projects on Would you delegate as little as ONE SP to support the cause? 1 | 5 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 SP. You can take it back at any time.

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What a creative mentality do you have guys! Thumbs up.

This is amazing, one of the best things I have seen on here to date. Good luck to @MichaelCJ


yeah man these posts remind me of the posts by @kofpato @steemgh @mcsamm @xpency @tj4real and I just love seeing these sorts of images on the trending page

soon we will be on Good Morning America and all the Tonight Shows and your projects will be all over the news and all over youtube aspeopel RACE to find ways to make MONEY by Hel;ping people! Who wouldn't want to help this project after steem goes to $20 when HF20 and instant accountr creation happens VERY very soon :D:D:D:D then Appbase and communitie sby suimmer and HF21 and SMTs by years end :D


This is a lifetime testimony.. And it has given me lots of testimonies to make steem the best tgat has ever happened to me.. It has greatly affected the lives of those around me too..thanks to @thejohalfiles and @ackza for such an exposure


I admire you alot @mcsamm from Ghana. I have had a conversation with @ackza one which it was mind blowing. I will also wish to relate with @thejohalfiles If opportuned to.. Thanks for dropping by. Peace!!!


I am so glad you feels so good when steem connects you to the right people. The people to help being the best in you. Thanks too @michaelcj

Wow, this review happens to be the the best and most inspiring this week so far, how i wish i can be of assistance to this selfless sacrificing services and dream. I'm actually touched with the kind of energy and zeal that has kept @michaelCJ to keep moving on even at the of challenges. Honestly I'm inspired and i wish you well once again. I'll also like to be part of @steemCamp if there's an opportunity....... Smiles


Hello @smart-shaegxy thank you for this good compliment. Your positive contribution will be greatly appreciated. Let's chat here
Or whatsapp +2347012133334
See u soon

I appreciates nigerians they usually dont playing around...they always mean business when opportunity shows up.

Keep the spirit up my nigerians brothers and sisters.

One love!


Welcome on board. We are strong breeds. That God for bringing steem as a redeemer

waooo, nice to see great steemit influencers on this post, nice work indeed.


waooo, OMG

Good to know that such promotions have been going on in Nigeria. With the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria, this is a welcome development as it would help create a means of income for the youths.

The level of zeal @michaelcj has towards promoting steem is 2nd to none, he has sacrificed all his time,energy, convenience and all the earnings he was able to acquire on steemit, just to promote this platform from @steemcamp to @steemnaira an other promotions and competitions he embarked on just to show Nigerian youth the light of steemit through entertainment which is the best way to get the attention of Nigerian youths. I am glad @hyperfundit is looking into the journey of Michael he deserves more.


Thanks @Phunke. Your support has also been helpful to us all

As a person who loves students, and one who hangs out with students, I have seen firsthand what young people can accomplish once they've been given an opportunity. @hyperfundit and @MichaelCJ are to be commended for this herculean effort. I'm ready to dig deeper and see how I can be a part. Thanks!!


I wish i could resteem your comment. Thank you for positive contribution. I will like to know your location. How ever we can build steemcamp all over the world.
Kindly chat with me here
See you soon @norma-jean

Guys, my greatest congratulations, the story they tell is incredible, but it is admirable to move forward although some doors were closed, but I will tell you something, when a work in unity as this team has done so far, it is there where God's support becomes more visible, do not get discouraged, successes and victories continue. congratulations @MichaelCJ , you are a tremendous man. And the team of .... @SteemCam continue on


thank you @ecxiquia04
It's very God all this while. Thanks to Rob Chen who encourage me when I almost lost hope.

Check out the #wafrica tag to get exposure to our west african community!

I am sure that .any of them will like your endeavor

This is great initiative. Upvote from me:-)

This is a great project Im upvoting and I will follow.

Hello very good morning, I want to tell you that they have created and evolved with everything related to what they wanted, impresses me and I love seeing people how they come together as a family to achieve goals, as they say in my country Good luck and forwards it is for there, greetings from venezuela. @hyperfundit

I'm impressed with the determination of my dear steemians from nigeria. They are very active on steemit and organizing this kind of events. I've already made some nigerian friends thanks to steemit, they are very kind and purpose driven.


This story is inspiring, and example of determination and selflessness. Ride make your dream come true.

Great job! Nigeria great Agen!

Its pleasure to know about these people. Very nice and good post

No doubt, @michaelcj is a visionary and ready to take steem places and inspire people to see the beauty of the blockchain technology

@michaelcj is a bomb. He likes exploding more opportunities to nigerian youth through steemblockchain. Though have not met him in person, but so far that have known him in this community with his projects all around the country, Nigeria, i must commend his tireless effort. Despite the ups and downs, he kept on. At times i always wonder about him.

With all these, he really worth to be called steem ambassador. In fact, if he runs for a witness i will personally vote him 100times if possible like BBNaija. And to @hyperfundit, thank you for sharing this. Resteemed!


Thanks @misterrufems. Steemcamp content can be more interesting than Bbnaija only if we are oportuned and empowered to do so. We hope to make a live coverage of the event for next year or 2020.. Depends on the kind of support we get from steemit Inc. and @ned


@michaelcj, Trust me, the support will surely come from @ned and other co-founder of Steemit provided if they are aware of your projects because presently, this is their priority. i.e Steemit should be promoted in every nations across the globe. Now, Steemit members is over a million. They would be happy for this and to those behind her promotion.

Ride on... steem ambassador. The sky is your starting point.

I look forward to when @steemcamp will be more engaging than BBNaija in Nigeria and beyond.

I pray may the Lord help you and I wish you all the best.


Thanks man. We shall surpass Bbnaija

Wow!! This is so so guess are too much. Keep it up. God bless you

I congratulate you for your good heart. How good it is to have hope when things are as difficult as in Africa. Thank you for helping to spread this message and help those in need. God bless you. Deso for all Africa a great future

Awesome review...
@michaelcj is a go-getter and extremely hard working. You've gat what it takes, keep making things happen. We are proud of you.

This is so powerful!!! I don't think i'm gonna sleep again!!

wow, this is just simply amazing

Great work my brothers, i will sure follow your footsteps but in different way.

wow, this is just simply amazing

This is good news for all of us as Africans, lets Unite


Sure. Steem it's just in its early stage. More and better things ahead for us all.

amazing!!Support your dreams.

Dada la situación económica que viven nuestros hermanos Nigerianos donde 86 millones de personas se encuentran en pobreza extrema, esta iniciativa por parte de jóvenes representantes de la comunidad de steemit de realizar torneos, de entregar comidas por la ONE Steem es una labor digna de imitar ,, porque significa extender la mano al necesitado, dar de comer al hambriento como dice la palabra de Dios y eso tiene su recompensa en el cielo. Que bueno que esta plataforma piense en los menesterosos y los más afligidos. Tienen un Like de mi parte.

Nice work

Amazing, you're my inspiration


Awwwnnnnn!!! Thanks 😅

  ·  4년 전

I think it's amazing what Micheal is doing in Nigeria. I've not thought this far and thinking about it now I think it's a great opportunity he is giving the youths in Nigeria and it gives me the idea that I can do something similar to promote steemit.
I got to know this platform through a friend and is saddled with the same responsibility to spread the word.
Great work Mich. I hope you get the necessary support to keep this work up.

Wow, this is breathtaking.
One man can change the world! All we have is our dreams and it's the only thing we need.

This post is very precise. @Michaelcj started @steemcamp by just saying it and here it is today steemcamp has changed lives. Michael is a go getter and he is someone we all wish to be be like for his ideas.

excellent post I follow you and I vote greetings from venezuela

Nice work! It is really inspiring to see how people BElieve; I am sure this kind of activities can change people, I also believe in sports as a motivation in people's life. Go on and don't stop!
I'm now your follower.
Do not heasitate to visit my blog :D

La obra de Michael es excelente, esperemos que muchos niños y jovenes de africa adopten Steem para sus vidas y puedan tner un mejor porvenir. Saludos

Good man

Wow, I am very much impressed.... keep up the good work of changing many lives!!

I envy you guys, great job up there

This is simply amazing... Have checked through and I can't love it less... Keep winning.

Woow... I like this. Good job sir.

Great nice to see great oppertunity.

that's great,every one can change anything.but there motive should be strong. good job
thank you

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This is AWESOME!! Thank you for the post 👍🏽


This is really inspiring, great work guys!

I appreciates nigerians they usually dont playing around...they always mean business when opportunity shows up.

Keep the spirit up my nigerians brothers and sisters......

Congratulations @hyperfundit!
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Very good photography

This is awesome! I will share this on my charity roundup post!

This is very amazing...... Weldone, kudos to you @michealCJ

Thumbs up. I like the pictures. I see you have come along way. It motivate others a lot, me inclusive. Continue making the wold a better place, team Nigeria :D

Overcoming the obstacles leads us to success, many congratulations for your excellent work.

Such an inspiring story, hope the funding gets on track! Imagine an Africa where poverty becomes a rare thing, will take time but can be done with the vision of these awesome steemians! So heartening to read this!

Wow, God bless the brain behind this wonderful project.. I can't believe someone can sacrifice his all to promote steem. God bless you all and reward you abundantly, 💋💋💋 from me


Thanks. Welcome on board

How inspiring, this is amazing Thank you ♥♥

Wooow this is awesome.

That was some unbelievably good work out there.

Am in love with this, Please how can I be part of you guys.

Honestly is amazing. Am proud of you guys

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This is a very good idea for a very good cause. Wish there'll be more like this to around to help a good cause. Keep it up of what you're doing.