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As an active steemit user, I keep trying to get people from other social media to try to interact at @steemit, @ stephenkendal just celebrated the promo-uk success, steemit promo in United Kingdom (London) with great appreciation, salute to team # promo-uk and has introduced @Danny Shine

But in this case @rismanrachmantelah much interest sympathy colleagues journalists and facebook friends to join in steemit, I am happy with his way in promoting steemit # promo-steem and certainly can not get off with # promo-indonesia. And my great appreciation if he is able, then will invite the governor of a province in Indonesia ie Aceh to be able to equally invest in steemit, this is remarkable.

Different people different ways, I personally can not be separated from the form of promotion of steemit as much as possible, some friends from photographers and social media facebook I managed to tie up in steemit, of course, because the steemit

Three of my mainstays invite new steemians

You like facebook? Use steemit? And login with, you will be in the facebook steemit interface.

  1. Friend photographer
    Use your photographic and design skills in steemit, there are # photography tags, design art colourchallenge and many others, why not try this and see the rewards of the photographers .. it's amazing they say.

  2. Video editing friends
    Why do not you try Dtube? This service feature connected with steemit gives you an advantage

  3. This is my strategy in # promo-steem to invite people who have potential and big pekuang in steemit

And certainly my hope Indoneaia steemit community continues to rise with the curator of @aiqabrago and also @levycorebergandengan promo-steem and promo-inddonesian hands.

Hope i hope we all succeed in this network.

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