MTN Launches ATM for Mobile Money Transactions in Ghana

2년 전

MTN Ghana has taken a step further to enhance its operation of financial transactions here in Ghana. This has lead to the introduction of a self seeking kiosk to work just as the ATM machine does. In my view they have really done a very good job as it has its own prons and cons. I am only concerned with how this is going to promote business transactions here in Ghana.

It is a great deal that Ghanaians need to embrace this with so much excitement. And l want to believe this is to help promote the work of @yensesa to ensure a safer and faster transaction.



Importance of this self kiosk or machine

As l stated earlier this mobile money atm you see is a self service kiosk which is here to serve the purpose of performing customer care services such as ;

  • PIN reset
  • SIM replacement/chqnge
  • Request for cash
  • Cash in/Cash out e.t.c

The good news here is this machine or kiosk wont close and go home like vendors do always. It works 24/7 meaning customers can access their mobile money wallet anywhere and anytime.

Moreso,theres no way it can be attacked by armed robbers as seen here in Ghana..It has been one of the greatest challenges here as mobile money vendors are attacked each and every time.This has come to help MTN customers to do basic stuff on their wallet without being in the long qeues for transactions.

Unfortunately only two pilots tested will be available at two porpular uban areas throughout the nation before making them available in other areas. But thats even going to be on the condition that the pilots are successful.



It is a great hope to see steem/sbd ATM machines with similar operation where people can just cash out money without stress at any time. It is a privilege to get more and more mobile money vendors on steemit to help make steemit the best place for their transactions.






 Photo credit : LG G5

Let's keep making steem the best crypto for the world..steemit is the new face of internet. As MTN launches this machine it is my utmost hope to see more of its vendors working more with steem/sbd as this would make most of them jobless.. They can still be able to make transactions with steem if customers choose the atm machine over them. Help to make a difference,just pass it on.



THANK YOU, @mcsamm


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I lobe it may ypu continue to make it happen


Thanks sir

Poor vendors, they are about to compete with machines. I hope this initiative does not bring down the businesses of the numerous MoMo vendors.


All labor will eventually be done by machines. It's our job now to make sure the transition has the profit from machine labor work for the good of all, not just a few.


Exactly..a way to benefit everyone..thanks too @demotruk


It surely will bring and lay off most of the activities of most vendors..and thats why steemit must be shared with them more to still ensure their operation..thanks for your say @kwadjobonsu


Awesome, i resteemed and upvoted

I love seein the new tech

we need more upvotes on the sim cards more Dlive vids I love this dlive activitry you have now man good job MORRE MORE DLIVE and I want to have you get other peope to make videos for YOU to upload, you paythem flat rate you get to use their video make money off them and pay em a lil bonus but usethe mnoney you maketor envest in you are steempwer and ewipmnet to make better videos hire creatuve director make amaizng music videos l;iek with this guy, he can make music videos, find people lilke hiom machakoskyalo and create companies of creatives to create videos and commerecials for local cpompanies man you gusy can create so much business usings teem as the backbone support net

We gotta do a Dlive video soon

if you can record our viodeo call if you cnan on discor dlemme know so I can then upload it afterwords, we should record a dlive talk


But @ackza , my greatest worry about this invention is how the mobile mobile money vendors will survive since it is going to reduce the human workload..thanks though

Great news for Ghanaian.


Oh really is but for vendors.....

Technology is indeed taking over the worlds activities. Kudus to this transformation. I hope it foster the economy growth of Ghana


Sure..but these has a greater competitions with most banks and their activities..steem is here for us all..thanks too

Hello! I find your post valuable for the wafrica community! Thanks for the great post! @wafrica is now following you! ALWAYs follow @wafrica and use the wafrica tag!

Creciendo y hacer crecer tu comunidad con steemit @mcsamm, muy bien felicitaciones.

Its quite interesting but one thing i find detrimental is that now people are going to lose their jobs. More of machines requires less of taskforce.i wish Ghanaians do embrase this idea. Its okay and to me i think most of the people going for this idea will be more of the students .Than the normal average worker.

  • again it looks complicated
    Thanks @mcsamm for the news update.

So good to see you..thats all you have said..maybe we can still invite most vendors to steemit to ensure the continuous flow of of their transactions..thanks many times @jeeandmee

Fine job you have done nice approaches for those who are needy specially awesome effort i really love it iam nat from ghana buy iam happy for my ghana peoples


It is such a great news for us to draw more mtn mobile money vendors to extend their operation here on steemit..thanks for your words