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One of the most dangerous threat that life poses is the fact that you get been controlled by other things instead of controlling them.An example is how money controls most of us instead of we being the controllers.You would only understand me if you have once be in this situation.People tell me most times that I like giving too much than receiving especially with money.I think most people do not understand me so well.I do not give so simply because maybe I have enough. But simply because I do really know how it just feels to have nothing or to lack.

I stepped into town today and I got surprised just as always.Where from all these people come from?It hurts sometimes to see the struggle of many Ghanaians like this every time.Walking t and fro in their quest to make a better living.When actually will these struggles come to a close.Is there a magic something we need to do to help people have a great financial freedom?These keeps running through my mind and I only get to understand that it takes only time and effort to get this achieved.


Financial liberty really means great and much more better than having money.I know lots of many prominent Ghanaians who really have money but do not have a control of their finances. A society that helps to understand what money is and how it operates is what most people need.Not just the money.Steem is the only place that teaches these tricks. This is one of the message I share with most people I share steemit with. Everyone needs a community that helps to understand how money works and how to get and regain financial control.

Steemit is the place to be.I share this on a personal testimony.Help to reach the world with steem and give financial liberation to our people.People here in Africa must not struggle so much as seen in this photo I share as I walked out to see how the street goes.Africa and Ghana truly needs this change.Thanks for supporting this idea to help give financial liberation to the world through steem



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People here in Africa must not struggle so much as seen in this photo

It's always sad when I see my very own in the situation like this. I could see how emotional you became at the time you were writing this post. Africa need change and steemit is the answer. Truely truely we gonna get there @mcsamm.


thats so true..thanks @loso

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Upped and resteemed. We have to spread steem to our fellow brother and sisters .

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I am proud of you buddy
Keep reaching out to many
Stay blessed


hey charlie..its been a long time..thanks for stopping by today @eunireal1