Taking Steemit to the streets. Sharing over 1000 steemit handbills

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Am so so delighted to write this. I've spent over a month on steemit and I've had a fair share of the blockchains reward pool.

Steemit gave me a lifeline just when I was about committing suicide due to lack of funds that resulted in me dropping n out of school.

Steemit has empowered me in several ways like helping me pay my house rent and helping me empower others

Weeks ago I came up with the idea of getting more persons to join steemit through the #SteemWarAgainstPoverty campaign/project where their voices could be heard as well as offer them a chance to be financially free.

The idea was rough but due to the fact that I hate delays and words without actions, I dived into it. I wrote this budget to @jerrybanfield pleading for his support to enable me touch lives.

His reply made me sit back and think this idea through and came up with a better budget proposal

Today am delighted I've been able to put some funds together to start this journey of raising atleast 1000 new steemians every month.

I intend to storm the streets of Uyo(the city I was when I heard about steemit) to tell everyone about this platform that could educate ,enlighten and offer them financial freedom.


Street Viral campaign
Where I'll be disbursing 1000 handbills to passer bye and getting their details (Names and Phone Numbers) on Saturday 3rd February 2018, Time 10:00am GMT+1.

Bulk SMS
Sending them a bulk SMS in order to remind them of the conference coming up on 10th February 2018.

Steemit Conference
Hosting them on Saturday 10th February 2018 where they'll be tutored about steemit and empowered where necessary to blog and earn financial freedom on steemit.

This will be replicated in
Port Harcourt
And other cities in Nigeria with the sole aim of visiting other African and third world countries.

I'm so happy to kick start this project. I Waited so long for this time.

Big thanks to @vic-essien , @samstickkz and a host of others who is supporting this project.

Steemit could eradicate poverty in 2018.

I alone can't effect that.
You too can join me touch lives.

Have you ever recieved some level of financial freedom on steemit?

Do you belief the steem blockchain can wipe away poverty in the world?

Then join me as I wage a steem war against poverty

Join the tag "steemwaragainstpoverty"

Join our Discord Channel :

Steem War Against Poverty

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  2. #SteemWarAgainstPoverty: How steemit will eradicate poverty (The DTube version)

  3. Steemit is not just a social media; its a JOB

  4. To Nigerians, Steemit is a Need

  5. Eradicating Poverty and popularizing steemit could only be achieved through us!

  6. #SteemWarAgainstPoverty : Budget Proposal for Empowering Individuals and helping them Fight Poverty through Steemit

  7. Could Nature Be Responsible for Poverty?

  8. #SteemWarAgainstPoverty : Budget Proposal for Empowering Individuals and helping the fight Poverty through steemit

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Your strength has been a precursor to your will.
I see great success on your endeavor.
Keep up the good work.
Keep on steemin'


you can do it

Good work man! You'r really doing great job ☺

Great initiative.

Steemit has changed my life tremendously in a good number of ways. and i'm so glad i have been able to replicate same to others. Although, I'm still lagging in terms of enrollment of people to steemit due to work schedule, its good overall what you guys are doing. I know it's going to be tough at first. And i wish you nothing but good success. well done

Steem war against poverty


you are welcome, mate

Great job and way to keep pushing the platform forward!!!!

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great job , so motivated , keep it !!

Please I would love to be part of the ph awareness

Mate. I thing you are an inspiration to every human being that has walked the earth. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the best.

Street ti take over. Hit me up when you are ready for Lagos.
Follow me guys

U are an inspiration to everyone @onyemacourage. Thank you for helping others and the community. I am so glad steemit has changed your life tremendously. Followed you already sir. Looking forward of seeing more from you. Have a great day!


Thanks for your compliment

Hope I can help my husband financially through steem but no idea what to do😥..


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Nice brother @onyemacourange 😊🙏🙏🙏

I'm fully in support.
More grace bro


Wow am delighted

Great idea!Believing in yourself that you can do something to make better living and touching others lives could always be possible here. Great work @onyemacourage


Thanks for your kind words

I do also am glad that I found Steemit !I am sure many will say the same !
Go ahead buddy and keep on Going !
Steem on !


Keep pushing bro. Stay awesome!

Follow me.

Its gonna be a great success brother, best wishes.
So good to see you doing this.

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I love the initiative you are taking, keep it up, your story is inspiring!


I so appreciate your encouragement @brendube

You can do it men!!!! 😁. Keep spirit

You are blessed man, keep doing the good work

God will open bigger doors for you.

We are with you all the way

I have the same opinion with you
Let's develop steemit, I want to find a sponsor to do that @onyemacourage


Why not partner with me?

I push mo yan kuya!


Push it brother!!

This is hard-hitting, awesome, enthusiastic. Keep going for it, man. Wow!

Outstanding this is just what I was hoping to see! @budgets is funding this through $55 of SBD upvotes on bots to help you get more visibility for this post!


Thanks @jerrybanfield for your support. I appreciate.

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This is incredible! I hope You will have courage and persistence to keep going! I am pretty sure there will be many happy to help. I would like to, first thing that comes to my mind - having a website might be an advantage. You can ask through the UTOPIAN.IO

It is an amazing project really! I hope You will find courage and patience to keep going, it's worth it. I am sure also there are many willing to support it. First thing that came to my mind is a website - that could really help Your initiative and there is a platform run on Steem where You can ask community for help - it's called Utopian.io u should check it out and submit a request. Also I might help with that. Good luck!

Excellent, man! We will award you with the @steemit ambassador of the month. Keep pushing @steemit to your people, because when the passion is right, nothing is impossible.

What a wonderful idea. I hope all your time and effort gets paid out. Wish you all the best!! :)

Oya let's go they
We all support you


A very good idea. Thanks for sharing the good news and together we shall be great like never before. Cheers!

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Thanks for giving me opportunity to share in your vision. Saturday GMT +1 10AM we begin.


Thanks for seeing the need to affect lives and freely give me those arts @vic-essien.

I am in fully support of the campaing. #steem war against poverty.
It goning to be a reality.

woooww you are very lucky, congratulations on your success, I hope also can be like you.

you awesome man!
i hope you will success in your project!

My brother.........I will not lie about....my first post got me like two upvotes and made more enquires.......Is better to play around in steemit than any other platform. Welldone!!!

We are winning all the way

I like the vibe in your words, your vision is laudable and achievable...keep it up! I have given you an upvote and i would follow your blog too.

Yes we can. Let's take Stemmit across Nigeria.

Awesome initiative bro. Keep it up.

Awesome post, thank for promoting steemit.

Yes we can....when are you coming to calabar? Id love to join the move @onyemacourage

Wow, respect for you, good that you try to help and educate those people.. I will resteem this post, as I think you deserve respect for trying to help those in need.. well done!

This is great

  ·  4년 전

hello brother, the purpose of life is to give me upvote, lol... You're just a had working dude and I've got to tell you.

Good idea man i want to do the same thing and i want to help other people you can check my blog or i can give you a link. i think steemit can change lifes and the world !that awesome and powerfull ! I dont know how to get in touch with someone and start this activity!