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Hello beautiful people. Its been a while. The experience of Steemit in Nigeria² conference will be forever on the soil of Nigeria and in the heart of every individual on the blockchain.

The effort of the crew, publicity team and each and every other member who contributed in one way or the other to the success of the just concluded Annual Festival - Steemit in Nigeria² will be forever remembered. Each and every person has contributed to the success.
Publicity Crew @ehiboss @oredebby @uche-nna @williams-owb @jeaniepearl @ttopswag @mealo @pearlumie @bollutech @japfive @mediahousent @destinysaid @mickyscofield and @camzy in absential

The idea behind the movement of S.I.N started a year ago from a small town inside Osun State. Where a young lad @ehiboss conceived the idea of spreading the blockchain technology and the STEEM cryptocurrency across the Geo Political zones.

The first edition heralded the massive traffic of daily users from Nigeria. And @mediahousent was the official host for the event. Steemians across the country (Nigeria) in their numbers were present at the event.

Fast forward to 2018, here in the city of Abuja; the Federal Capital Territory.
The conference was scheduled for five days, the arrival day for Guest and participants was on the 30th of October and the programme lasted till the 4th of November which was supposed to be for departure.

Arrival of Participants

Officially, the conference started on a topical discussion about the state of the affairs of the blockchain. Where several speakers gave their input about the blockchain at the All About Blockchain event and got to answer some questions.

@fisteganos @iamchrisani @xpency


That night, we had Suya Therapy Night.

We had much fun that day with food and dance...

Every morning, we always had a Yoga class authored by the @nigerian-yogagal

Then, we had games (Play Station and several other) while later in the day we went for movie at Ceddi Plaza, Genesis Cinema, Abuja.


We saw the movie Venom and trust me, the movie is really interesting.


Several other events were Karaoke night and the cryptocurrency trading class.

@fatherfaith and his pretty wife at the Karaoke night

The main event was amazing also as we had @surfyogi @prettyjules158 @fisteganos @xpency and Chris Ani tell us about their Steemit and Blockchain experience and what we should know.

@surfyogi on the mic

Chris Ani taking the cryptocurrency trading class


Meanwhile, we ended the conference with a grand gala night/dinner.

In all, S.I.N 2 was a really fun atmosphere, SteemFest³ is a conference you all should not afford to miss in case you miss out on SIN².

So nice to meet finally meet in person @surfyogi @mbj @mediahousent@ewuoso @mosunomotunde@ehiboss@queensucre@fisteganos@rejoiceavl@botefarm@casweeney @matthewthonyit@antigenx@bollutech@eddie23@enoye@illuminatus@itoroarchibong@japfive@lordjames@javapoint@kristenantai01@kweenzykruzy@ninoh22@pearlumie@uche-nna@emjoe@mealo @empato365 @geyzee@jade56@jeaniepearl @chiama @nmalove @phunke @julietisrael @adabless @evelyniroh @emmycapable @williams-owb@matthewthonyit @ttopswag @killatunzi @efe @devol @japfive @prettyjules158 @xpency @yungchief @samminator and so so many other amazing personalities.

Special shout out and a big THANK YOU to our amazing supporters @surfyogi @ausbitbank @demotruk @donkeypong @lukestokes @infovore @fulltimegeek You all are amazing and how I wish I met you all in person.

Expect more of S.I.N 2 Pictures on my next post.

Thanks so much for reading...
Till I come your way next time...
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby

P.S: All pictures from different phone cameras and BallspediaTV pictures.

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I'm happy I was able to make it to the event. Though I had to join at the later part. Nice meeting you once again @oredebby

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So nice to see you again too bro


Yeah, and thanks for the gift

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Nice meeting you too friend 😁


Yes dear... Hope you landed safely

It was so nice meeting you in person, you are so sweet and warm @oredebby


Awwwwnnn thanks baby. I hope to see you soon too. Wasn't available for Yoga... I hope S.I.N 3 comes soon. #winks

It wasnt intentional dear, my phone spoilt 😪


Eeya... Sorry dear.
One day... One day sha... I'll see you.

Really good to see, I hope Im in Naija for the next one. Resteemed!


I hope to see you soon too. Thanks much.

Looking good guys.
#steem needs all promotion it can get.


Yes o... Thanks @pouchon
How I wish you came. #smiles

I hope soon enough i will start attending all these steemit programs in Nigeria. @julietisrael and @jeaniepearl never miss such programs. I like their spirit.


Awwn, really?
Lol. Thanks dear. I hope that when you do attend one of these events,I get to see you



I hope to see you soon too.

It was nice meeting you too. You guys are so amazing.

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Hope to see you in Sin 3 dear.


Yes sis.... Finally saw your pretty face. Lol


Lemme not talk.. I dino see my name


Chai..... M sorry
But wait.... I havent seen you in any of the pics... Hope u didnt join as a ghost. Lolzzz

Twas nice to see you too dear. See ya at S.I.N 3